Matic Network & Binance Labs Spearhead the Game Oasis Hackathon Initiative 

Matic Network understands the importance of developer engagement in facilitating the decentralized movement — mass blockchain user adoption cannot be achieved without the participation of BUIDLers. We’re thrilled to be expanding on our existing hackathon efforts by collaborating with Binance Labs and other leading gaming blockchain projects to launch a global tour of gaming hackathons. To accelerate the decentralized gaming space, Matic Network will work alongside Binance Labs to organize hackathons in India, the United States, and South Korea.

Matic: Designed with Gaming in Mind

Though Dapps are still in their infancy, one pioneering use case primed to disrupt the legacy tech world is gaming. According to Dapp Radar, almost half of the top 100 DApps by user volume are gaming or gambling-related — a trend which has persisted for a period of time. The statistics have proven that gaming is a key use case for blockchain adoption. However, gaming Dapps are severely limited by the constraints of their chosen Layer-1 blockchain’s architecture and have been able to offer only a sub-standard user experience hardly comparable to current mainstream games. That is, until now.

We firmly believe blockchain gaming will be one of the first use-cases that generate mainstream adoption and will thus act as an onboarding ramp for mass levels of users. We are therefore providing the infrastructure for the new era of blockchain-powered gaming and expect games to be a major part of the Matic Network ecosystem.

Our platform represents an optimal environment for any developer wishing to create a high-performance gaming Dapp positioned for mass-adoption. In-game assets represented as NFTs (ERC721) can be bought, sold and traded on our sidechains whilst maintaining exceptional game performance. Developers can even save game states on the sidechains.

Pioneering the Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem with Binance Labs

We have been honoured by the huge level of onboarding interest by gaming Dapps in particular. Many gaming Dapps a re already being built on top of our Alpha-Mainnet, including Pocketful of Quarters, Chainbreakers, Marble Cards, and BetProtocol. Matic is also collaborating with Decentraland to scale the transactions that will occur as a result of user interactions within their virtual universe. This includes payments, NFT sales and eventually general game states and other data. Gaming Dapps are onboarding to Matic Network at a staggering rate.

Gaming Oasis Hackathon is an upcoming global gaming hackathon initiative co-hosted by Binance Labs, Matic Network, Cocos-BCX, Celer Network, and Contentos. Events will take place in Shanghai, Seoul, San Francisco, and Bengaluru. Matic is thrilled to be taking a prominent role in organizing the hackathons.

Conducted both online and onsite, the hackathon will be divided into three rounds. Round one, Ready Player, will provide the chance for attendees to form teams and register their participation. In Round 2, namely Multiverse, developers will be required to build games based on a specific requested topic in an effort to battle it out with other teams for the opportunity to join the on-site hackathon in one of the selected cities. Round 3, Oasis Arena, will consist of a 48-hour hackathon in which the teams will be tasked with building a game based on a given topic. The top three winners of each onsite hackathon will be presented with lucrative cash prizes for their efforts with the final winners of the events, each decided by a judging panel, awarded the highest honour.

Aside from financial incentives and potential employment opportunities, the Gaming Oasis Hackathon will connect attendees with industry leaders to nurture emerging projects and strengthen networks. Perhaps most notably, promising teams will be given the chance to be potentially selected by Binance Labs for hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment. It pays to be an innovator.

Register your interest in attending the event through the sign-up form here:Game Oasis Hackathon Round 1 – Ready PlayerEdit

Here’s to the evolution of gaming! Get involved and become a part of the blockchain gaming movement. We hope to see you in Bengaluru.

Developers, let’s get #BUIDLing!

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