MyEtherWallet now supports Polygon

We are thrilled to announce that MyEtherWallet now supports Polygon.

MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, and secure platform for interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem. By adding support to Polygon, MyEtherWallet intends to make the transactions done by its users faster and gas-free.

Recently, MyEtherWallet rolled out a Version 6 upgrade to make the platform more efficient for its users. With Polygon’s full-stack ethereum scaling solution, MyEtherWallet can provide a seamless user experience in addition to its multiple UI upgrades.

Moreover, Polygon has been the place for many of the DeFi blue-chip projects because of the high-speed & low-gas infrastructure. Users can switch to Polygon on their wallets, quickly swap tokens, and perform transactions quickly on the Platform.

The support from MyEtherWallet to Polygon is a huge step forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, and it will increase user adoption within the crypto ecosystem.

About MyEtherWallet

MEW is a nexus point for transacting in the Ethereum ecosystem, providing unprecedented access, a secure wallet, multi-faceted integration possibilities, and comprehensive education that allows anyone to quickly take advantage of all the benefits crypto finance has to offer.

MEW makes interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem simple — it is free, open-source, and secure. Founded in 2015, it is the original interface empowering users to maintain full control of their keys and funds at every point of interaction and does not hold, save or store any personal information. Today, MEW is committed to offering a suite of products that provide access and education to users who want to interact with the blockchain on their own terms.

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