NFT STARS is launching on Polygon!

13th July – We are thrilled to announce NFT STARS, a marketplace for digital art is coming soon on Polygon!

NFT STARS has developed an ecosystem of digital collectibles and NFTs. NFT STARS aims to empower free liquidity flow on various blockchains and will also include market actors in the NFT zone.

NFT STARS represents digital artists, art lovers, gamers, investors, and founders with distinct products and services in the NFT space. Creators on NFT STARS are exclusively picked by the community by a process of voting.

NFT STARS users can buy and sell only a fraction of artwork and also supports collective NFT ownership. Users can also have their own exhibitions in their own personalized gallery that is powered by AR technology and will also be available on mobile devices so that it can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time.

NFT STARS gives its artists the chance to see their work in a gallery and to host their first show. The gallery is powered by AR technology and can be viewed on the screen of smartphones. Users from anywhere in the world can enjoy the best works and learn more about their meaning.

NFT STARS also helps startups in funding by their initial NFT offering.

NFT STARS has a radio station that broadcasts NFT music where users can listen to music and can also buy the records.

Integration of NFT STARS with Polygon will help in expanding its multichain NFT marketplace. NFT STARS along with Polygon will give a chance to the talented artists so that they can showcase their talent to the NFT community.


Follow NFT STARS’ social media channels to learn more about the project and to stay in the loop about its development:

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Source : blog.polygon

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