Nifty Comedians launching on Polygon!

We are thrilled to announce that Nifty Comedians, the first NFT comedy platform will be launching on Polygon!

Nifty Comedians will be a niche Comedy NFT marketplace that will feature Comedy NFTs from comedians’ comedy clips, podcasts, and even jokes. As fans build their own Wall Of Fame collections, their collected Comedy NFTs will be featured on the marketplace.

Down the line, Nifty Comedians will also incorporate a HAHA social token that fans can earn by rating/curating Comedy NFTs, participating in Roast Battles between Comedy NFT collections & many more ways for fans to participate and feel like they’re part of the Comedy NFT Show.

In any comedy show, audience participation is a huge part of the laughter. From comedians asking questions to their fans (which can turn into hilarious roasting 🤣) to funny audience interactions with each other to noisy laughter & other responses to a comedian, the energetic aura a good crowd brings to a show is undeniable.

Nifty Comedians is a platform where users can find that lively comedy fan community. On Nifty Comedians, comedy fans can showcase what comics are their favorites, what bits they think are the best of all time, and that joke they come back to over and over again when they need a laugh, all collected in one place as their own personal comedy Wall Of Fame. Comedy NFTs also provide a social signaling aspect to fans when they collect any comic’s work before they were famous.

Nifty Comedians will be a one-stop-shop Comedy NFT Store where Polygon users can collect and show signed comedy collections from all their favorite comedians, find new comedy, & even benefit from supporting comedians. Nifty Comedians’ decision to join our growing NFT ecosystem to boost user adoption and make NFTs accessible to everyone. This will be a boost up the process of making Polygon the largest NFT ecosystem after the Ethereum main chain.

About Nifty Comedians

Nifty Comedians is the first Comedy NFT platform. It will be a comedy central for NFTs, a center for fans that love consuming comedy content with the added benefit of collecting. Nifty Comedians is also working with digital artists to create Comedy Art NFTs, comedians doing NFT Comedy Shows in the metaverse (including Decentraland & Cryptovoxels), and world-famous comedians to help them with Comedy NFT drops & onboard them to the NFT space. Its core team consists of designers, developers, managers, writers & advisors, who are all comedy fans!

If you’re a comedy fan, join us below!

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Source : blog.polygon

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