Nifty’s, the Web3 Creator Platform, to Discontinue Operations

Nifty’s Shifts Focus to Web3 Creator Platform

Nifty’s recently made an announcement on Twitter, stating that they have shifted their focus towards developing a platform for Web3 creators earlier this year. Despite their best efforts, the investment opportunities they were working on did not materialize, leading them to the end of their financial runway. Consequently, the company has made the difficult decision to wind down its operations effective immediately.

NFT Projects Transferred to the Polygon Blockchain

During its operation, Nifty’s hosted several notable NFT projects, including The Matrix Avatars, Looney Tunes: What’s Up, Block?, Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm, and Bullet Train. In a bid to ensure the projects’ continuity, these NFT collections will be decentralized and redistributed to the Polygon blockchain, unless they are already available on the Ethereum blockchain.

Warner Bros. Related Projects

Users who are engaged in NFT projects related to Warner Bros. are advised to follow independent project accounts on Twitter to stay updated on the future of these initiatives. Additionally, they can export their private keys and retain their NFT collections as per the provided instructions.

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The decision by Nifty’s to cease operations comes as a result of the challenges faced during their transition to a Web3 creator platform. The fate of their NFT projects is being secured through decentralization and distribution to the Polygon blockchain. Users with Warner Bros. related projects are encouraged to follow updates on independent project accounts and safeguard their NFT collections using the provided instructions.

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