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PolygonDaily.com hosts O3 Swap: Cross-chain Aggregation Protocol O3 Wallet.ADVERTISEMENT

PolygonDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome, @mattO3 How are you today? 

Matt | O3 Communications Director: I’m doing fantastically and you?

Matt | O3 Communications Director: It’s a pleasure to be here!

PolygonDaily – Admin: I’m so excited right now


Ready to start our AMA? 

Matt | O3 Communications Director: Yes I’m ready! Ask away!

PolygonDaily – Admin: Let’s go

Q1: What is O3 Swap all about? Give us a little summary.

Matt | O3 Communications Director:  O3 Swap is about uniting the decentralized community in 1 place where we can freely exchange digital assets simply and safely!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Matt | O3 Communications Director:  Yes, so I’m from the States where I worked as a communications specialist for a big software company for 2 years. I started investing in cryptocurrency at about that time in 2017 and openly wondered why my company wasn’t creating solutions using blockchain!

The team consists of some of the best developers in Asia who also worked for major software companies out here before joining our plucky startup which has grown mightily this year!

My past experiences in the crypto world consist of buying low and HODLing and sending remittances back to the USA to pay for my student loans because the banks in Asia were far too complicated and demanding.

PolygonDaily – Admin: Seems great ^^

Q3: So, why did you and your team decide to build O3 Swap?

Matt | O3 Communications Director:  Ah great question, now we’re getting to the meat of all this.

My team decided to build O3 Swap because they saw potential in DeFi but noticed that the separate chains were siloed and almost never communicated with each other which was a problem for the end-user who wants different assets and wants the best price regardless of the chain.

What we’ve done to address this is create a cross-chain swapping mechanism that directly connects to a users decentralized soft wallet like metamask or our native O3 Wallet

We’re the only swap protocol on 5 chains and swapping across these 5 chains daily!

We’ve come a long way since we first launched O3 Wallet back in 2017 to support the storing of Neo.

PolygonDaily – Admin: Thank you so much for your clear answer

Q4: We saw a fully prepared newcomer here. Can you share with us your plan on Polygon?

Matt | O3 Communications Director:  Right, so we just launched on the Polygon chain yesterday and our current plan is to work with Polygon to give away $MATIC so that users can actively swap on that chain using O3 Swap. We’re generating a $MATIC faucet to do so.

We’re also elated to launch on the chain due to its consistent fast speeds and low gas fees as well as its pace in pushing into the NFT and gaming environment the way that it has.

Right now, we’re also hosting a special single toking mining event on Polygon’s chain to celebrate. There are super high APIs for a select few coins at o3swap.com/hub

or rather o3swap.com/vault

Our plan is to also offer more digital assets that you can swap into as we currently only offer USDC as we’re early on in our launch.

PolygonDaily – Admin: Interesting ^^

Q5: So, what are the highlights of your project that make investors confident and should invest in your project?

Matt | O3 Communications Director: We’re the only ones doing any sort of cross-chain swaps with the same amount of efficiency and security that we do. We’re on 5 chains and I don’t know of any other protocol that’s on 3. Correct me if I’m wrong there. O3 Swap is just incredible and even if I didn’t work there I’d use it because it’s super convenient. Want to swap USDT for ETH, O3 can do it. Want to swap from Eth to BUSD? We also got you. This all happens without logging into an exchange or performing a KYC review where your information must be verified. You can perform these transactions directly from your O3 Wallet or Metamask wallet.

Q6: Can you talk about your important partners? And any new cooperation we can expect?

Matt | O3 Communications Director:  All of our partners can be found at o3swap.com at the bottom of the home page!

These are our partners. We have many notable partners including Neo, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi, and Softbank!

We’re cooperating with a big one soon that helps feed off-chain data to the chain for events, but I can’t name names yet! We also plan to launch on at least one more popular chain in the next few months!

PolygonDaily – Admin: I can’t wait to see it

Q7: And, what is your plan for the future? Can you talk about your roadmap & targets for this year?

Matt | O3 Communications Director: We’re going to launch on other layers 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism. We’re also looking to build up our community more in advance of releasing our V2 cross-chain solution at the end of the year that will give instant quotes before releasing our own O3 Network!

The O3 network should probably come in 2022 though!

PolygonDaily – Admin: Awesome

Q8: Finally, where can we find out more about O3 Swap on social media?

Matt | O3 Communications Director: Our plan is to maintain our leadership position as the best cross-chain solution on the market as well!

Our Twitter handle is @O3_Labs

Our website is O3swap.com

Users can join our telegram here: https://t.me/O3LabsOfficial

Our medium is: https://medium.com/o3-labs-o3-wallet/o3swap/home

PolygonDaily – Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with O3 Swap 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community? @mattO3

Matt | O3 Communications Director: Guys, get your metamasks set up or download O3 Swap and try the swap function on o3swap.com! It will come in great handy for pumps or market fluctuations when you want to swap assets quickly and efficiently!

PolygonDaily – Admin: I’m sure we will

It was a pleasure having you guys @mattO3

Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for O3 Swap 

Matt | O3 Communications Director: Thanks for having me! Those were great questions and this was really fun.

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