O3 Swap is coming to Polygon!

We are thrilled to announce that O3 Swap will soon be launching its cross-chain aggregation trading platform on Polygon.

The cross-chain and aggregation protocol opts for Polygon to bring a superior cross-chain experience to its users. With Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution, users will benefit from lower gas fees and faster transactions.

Additionally, O3 Swap also announced its improved cross-chain pool on Polygon. Users can now access multiple assets from different chains and quickly exchange them between Polygon and other supported chains.

O3 Swap plans to add Polygon cross-chain LP staking support and allow users to stake $MATIC to earn O3. We have a growing DeFi ecosystem with many blue-chip projects that include Aave, QuickSwap, Polymarket, and more.

O3 Swap can tap our DeFi ecosystem to grow its cross-chain aggregation trading platform. We look forward to the growth of O3 Swap and will continue to make DeFi accessible to all.

About O3 Swap

O3 Swap is a cross-chain aggregation trading platform incubated by the O3 Labs team. It aggregates liquidity sources and assets from various decentralized exchanges across chains and through the cross-chain pool, users can complete cross-chain transactions. It solves the current problem of liquidity fragmentation on various mainstream blockchains, making it no longer difficult for users to cross-chain transactions. O3 Swap currently supports Ethereum, BSC, HECO, and NEO cross-chain transactions. Our total-locked value (TVL) within O3’s pools has already surpassed $700M and our cross-chain daily volume surpasses $14M daily. We’re dedicated to continued growth within DeFi and bringing our O3 Swap users the best price for their transactions.

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