is bringing a stellar NFT gaming experience to Polygon!

The OpenStars first gameplay is now available on Polygon Testnet. Play and explore the universe while collecting rewards! is a collaborative profit-sharing Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It aims to become a foundational element for outer space applications on the blockchain. 

The recently launched game allows players to explore outer space and collect matter dust from stars. This is achieved by using a Stardust Collector Spaceship NFT that can be claimed following the instructions displayed in the game bar of after you connect your wallet. 

OpenStars has created a Proof-of-Play (PoP) consensus mechanism, which is used to mint xOSM that later can be redeemed 1:1 to OSM (Mainnet token of OpenStars). The more you play, the more rewards you earn at a very early stage. Gameplay mechanics enable star owners to make strategic decisions as the ecosystem grows. The value of their NFTs will rapidly increase, too, acting similarly to real estate.

Players who have already acquired star NFTs from their OpenSea collection can interact with their assets in the game and use it as a base for their Spaceships. This represents a slight advantage as they don’t need to return to the faraway Sun to claim rewards. Game mechanics like this help increase the value of the star NFTs over time.

The Polygon ecosystem has been rapidly expanding and accommodates an ever-growing trade volume for metaverse games like OpenStars. With Polygon, the OpenStars members will benefit from reduced gas fees, fast transactions, and a seamless experience.

A bridge to Ethereum will be available for the OSM token to allow free transit and liquidity of the in-game currency. This architecture provides high security, improved usability while giving access to high-volume marketplaces and exchanges.

The official launch of the OpenStars Matter token is scheduled for Q4 2021. Stay tuned, and see you in the outer space metaverse!

Start playing and collecting free xOSM at

Learn more about OpenStars on their Medium.

About is a collaborative profit-sharing DAO. It aims to become a foundational element for outer space applications on the blockchain. Some of the applications built on top of OpenStars allow the community to explore outer space, acquire celestial bodies and increase their worth by interacting with the rest of the players and their assets.

The funds collected from the sale of star NFTs in the OpenStars marketplace are distributed among the OSM token holders. The tokenomics were carefully designed to increase the value of the OpenStars Matter token and the star NFTs over time.

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