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Phi is the first social metaverse focused on “on-chain Identity” created using ENS domains and proven wallet activity. So to complete the quests and tasks you need to have ENS domain (.eth). If you don’t have an ENS domain, I’m gonna cover the cheapest way to buy it. Philand team has mentioned to reward their early users in Quarter 1 of 2023 so complete the quests as soon as possible.

All the quests are also available on Polygon Mumbai Testnet, you can try that first if you want to get more accustomed with the platform. Requirements and tasks are completely similar on Mainnet as well as Testnet.

1. an ENS domain
2. 1 MATIC for free items (gas fees)

Let’s dive into the procedure:

For Philand testnet:

My testnet PhiLand

For Philand mainnet:

1. You need an ENS domain.
→ Cheapest way to buy an ENS domain is to buy through opensea (at the time of writing floor is 0.0013 ETH + gas fees ~ $4)
→ other way to have an ENS domain by claiming through ENS website: Read the buying guide

2. You will be needing some MATIC tokens so make sure to have them in your wallet only to pay the gas fees.

3. Go to and connect to wallet. Make sure to switch the network to Polygon Mainnet.

4. Select your ENS > click on Create Land > approve the transaction.

So this is the Land 👇

1/3: Instruction

5. Read the instructions (you will to go there to do as mentioned)

1/3: Get objects: You can get your objects from shop and quest
2/3: Check and deposit objects: Objects you claimed or purchased will show up in your wallet. You canthen deposit your objects from your wallet to start decorating your land. (Check pic 2/3)

3/3: Edit and save your land: Press Edit to switch to edit mode, where you can place onjects. And press Save to save your land.

6. To complete and claim the quests, go to and click on ‘Check Eligibility’ and claim in whichever you are eligible. You can click on the quest to know about that quest. (pic below)

7. You can also participate in the campaigns & complete the tasks: to get more items for designing your land.

8. Adventure mode is also available:
Complete if you can and claim items.

9. (Must try) You can also shop many objects as shown in the below pic:

Purchase the free which you think you will use while designing your plot. Do not invest too much money. (Try to add purchase items in one go to to avoid paying transaction fees multiple times. You can also buy priced items too but it’s your choice. This guide is focused on free items though.)

10. Add the items to you wallet and confirm the transaction.

Customize and design your land. This one is mine, check it out

web3drops.eth mainnet PhiLand

Feel free to ask any question realted to this quest. I’ll reply.

Thanks for reading upto here. It takes a lot of effort to complie such work. Appreciation is welcomed 😃

Source : Polygon Medium

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