Polygon Commits $100,000 to Scale Ethereum Ecosystem in Gitcoin Grants Round 12

Polygon, which earlier announced a $1 million donation to Gitcoin in support of digital public goods, is setting aside $100,000 for projects looking to advance its own ecosystem, the leading solution for scaling Ethereum.

The matching pool will use a Quadratic Funding model, allowing the community to decide how to allocate half of the money. The funds are part of Polygon’s $200,000 overall contribution to Gitcoin’s Grants Round 12, which kicks off on Dec. 1 and runs through Dec. 16, 2021.

Polygon holds sole discretion on which grants are suitable for its side round, and the key eligibility factors are:

The grant must support or directly advance the Polygon community, the protocol, or both. The product should either already be deployed or should be in the planning phase of deployment on Polygon.

The grant may not have any form of quid pro quo with financial value (a scenario in which a user gets some additional unique benefit/award in return for their donation).

The grant owner must be directly affiliated with the project, and the funds must go to the project.

The grant should be focused on accomplishing the following for Polygon:

    Usability – improving the user experience

    Community – growing the Polygon ecosystem

    Tooling – improving the developer experience

    The project should not have its own token, or have raised VC funding

    The grant should be open source

Polygon, is an open-source project built by a decentralized team of contributors from all over the world, and has been an active supporter of the broader software development community. The goal behind the Gitcoin donation is to encourage and support the developer community worldwide in building the foundations of Web 3.0. That said, we do have some specific focus areas in mind.

Integrations and bridges

    Cross-chain DeFi and NFT bridges, multisig apps integrations for Gnosis Safe on Polygon

    Adding useful functionalities on top of Polygon NFT minter

    Tools/gaming engine plugins to ease gaming integration with Polygon

Analytics & dashboards

    Connext dashboard showing inflows and outflows from other blockchain platforms to Polygon

    Dune Analytics dashboards showcasing interesting figures and comparisons of different Polygon DApps




    DAO tooling/governance protocols

Polygon will be hosting an AMA in the next couple of weeks, where you will be able to ask questions and hear directly from the team on what to expect for the upcoming round.

To create a new grant and get it approved for matching from Polygon’s pool: 

Head to Gitcoin.co and create a Grant

Select the Polygon tag and any other relevant tags for your grant. 

Note: Grants are only eligible to receive contributions after approval. Grants need to be approved for listing on the Gitcoin decentralized funding platform, and the Polygon tag is subject to review and removal if eligibility criteria are not met. 

To update an existing grant and receive matching from this pool:

Open a Github Issue here, requesting to add the Polygon tag to your grant. Note: The Gitcoin team will verify that your grant qualifies based on Polygon’s eligibility policy. If it does, your grant will be included in the round. Please allow 48-72 hours for this to be reflected.

Gitcoin is the largest implementation of Quadratic Funding, a radically democratic approach to allocating resources for public goods. Since its founding in 2017, Gitcoin has facilitated over $40 million in funding for open-source software, including notable projects such as Uniswap and 1inch. Thanks in part to Polygon’s contribution, one of the largest donations ever for Gitcoin, the upcoming Grants Round main matching pool will set a new record, eclipsing the high of $815,000 in the previous round.

Polygon will also be available to check out grants, making it easier and more affordable for Gitcoin’s growing community of over 200,000 supporters to fund public goods. Until now, grants could only be funded with either Ethereum or zkSync.

If you are a developer, click here to learn how you can earn by participating in sponsored hackathons, bounties, and funded community Gitcoin grants. If you have a problem that needs solving, learn how you can fund a grant here. Keep up with the latest news on Polygon Developers twitter channel, take a deep dive into the available blockchain technology resources or say hi on Discord.

Source : blog.polygon

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