Polygon Fellowship 2022 | #Buidler Track

One fine day, I was scrolling through the hackathons hosted on Devfolio and found Polygon Fellowship on top. I got really excited!! and as I clicked on the apply button I saw only 50 fellows are to be selected which tbh lowered my hopes. Then I came across twitter posts seeing 10000+ applicants and I thought I wont be able to get in.

Still I planned on applying for the beginner track at first as the competition seemed tough, but eventually decided to apply for the builder track as I had decent exposure to web3.


So to apply for the builder track we had to create a proposal for two projects and we’d be working on one of them after guidance from our mentors if we got selected.

Proposal I submitted — https://0xaxit.notion.site/Project-Proposal-Web3-Buidler-Track-b6be3d8585af462c83e8572eab1141d0

I went through many drafts and iterations to refine the proposal to the best of my ability and I ended up submitting my application at the last minute xD.

Interview Round

After a few days I got a mail for the interview round with Srijan from Devfolio.
I attended the interview from hostel with a crappy WiFi which made me very nervous.
The interview round ended up going pretty smooth, Srijan took the interview in a really friendly way, I ended up exhibiting my love for Web3 and DeFi, discussed about my work at Huddle01.

Welcome to the Fellowship!!

I was super excited for the fellowship and was on cloud 9!!

We had an intro session for the buidler track by Aniket from Devfolio and he welcomed us all with great enthusiasm!!

Then we got our mentors assigned to us. I was assigned Daksh from market.xyz !!

He has a lot of experience building in DeFi and has done wonders with markets.xyz. He was a good fit for me as the project I chose was about Flash Loans in DeFi and helped me navigate the space really well!!

Polygon Hackerhouse

The Devfolio x Polygon Hackerhouse was a week-long of networking, building and filled with a tonne of informative sessions from founders and builders of successful web3 products. (P.S. Feel free to checkout my twitter threads for details on the speaker sessions).

Finally we had our demo day where we pitched our projects to VCs and gathered their inputs where I pitched my project called Swift Lend — a platform to allow anyone to utilize flash loans without any coding.

Had an amazing experience, interacted with so many amazing minds, learned a tonne, one step deeper into web3 and made lifelong friends!

The team showered us with a lot of goodies, cold brews, mid night snacks and gaming nights too, to ease up our buidling nights, beautifully arranged!

Devfolio Afterparty

Socialized with intellectual minds, met fellow Devfolio builders and founders, super fun. Looking forward to more such events!! That’s a wrap!

Never Stop Building!!

Source : Polygon medium

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