Polygon Has Integrated Push Protocol To Enhance Web3 Communication

Polygon has announced its move to integrate the Push protocol, formerly known as Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), to enable enhanced Web3 communication.

What About Push Protocol 

The EPNS was built initially to enable Push notifications on Ethereum. Since the platform launched at the beginning of this year, the protocol has powered 60k subscribers, 100 channels, and 17 million notifications. After about a year of successful adoption of Web3 communication, the protocol has announced its next move, to pioneer the next wave of adoption through multi-chained and generalised communication. The company announced its rebranding to Push protocol in a tweet released on its Twitter account earlier this week.

The rebrand would enable the Push protocol to extend its adoption beyond Ethereum and Push notifications. It would allow all forms of communications like; messaging, video streaming, ads, chats, and more across any layer 1 or 2. This has led to its adoption by Polygon.

Push Protocol Launches on Polygon

Polygon, formerly known as Matic network, has become the platform for Web2-based institutions to onboard into Web3. Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform.

Polygon is a layer 2 protocol backed by an ecosystem of next-generation applications. The protocol has a range of products that are directed at solving the underlying issues associated with traditional blockchain architecture.

Polygon is unwavering in its determination to enhance its network to give users the best experience. In a tweet on Thursday, the Polygon team announced that it had integrated the Push protocol into its system. The team added that this would enable seamless, Web3-native communication to thousands of Polygon dApps and thousands of active users. This implies that developers on the Polygon network can now integrate Push protocol into their Apps, launching channels and enabling notifications for users. 

The team further said in the tweet, “Integrating Push Protocol addresses the lack of communication between apps and users. Thus improving the overall user experience in Web3”.

Polygon network has more than 37000 apps built on it. Push protocol’s launch on Polygon will address the issue of communication between apps and the users and support the Polygon ecosystem to improve the Web3 user experience. 

Why Push Protocol?

Applications that get onboarded on Web3 can now enjoy the benefits of flexible communication that Push protocol offers, which gives them the ability to have direct control over messages while at the same time preventing spam.

The Push protocol would enable any wallet, application, smartphone app, and plugin to get notifications from smart contracts on Polygon.

Users expect applications in web3 to provide a similar standard of user experience as they do with the applications they currently use daily on Web2. Users interacting with apps on Polygon will have the same user experience they do today when on these platforms by using Push Protocol. This advantage for developers will boost the chances of adoption by both older web2 platforms and next-generation apps onboarded on Web3.

Source : crypto.news

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