Polygon Labs Pivots Towards CDK Expansion, Shifting Away from Edge Focus.

Polygon Labs Pivots to CDK for Blockchain Innovation

Polygon Labs has recently announced a strategic shift in its development focus, transitioning from the Edge framework, also known as Supernets, to the Chain Development Kit (CDK). This move reflects the company’s evolving priorities and a commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

The Rise of CDK in Blockchain Networks

Initially developed as an open-source tool under the Apache License 2.0, Edge played a crucial role in facilitating the creation of custom blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. However, the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology has led Polygon Labs to pivot towards the CDK. This toolkit is specifically designed for developing various Layer 2 ZK-Rollups, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs.

Interoperability and Liquidity: The CDK Advantage

The CDK has garnered interest from various projects, including Immutable, OKX, Astar, Canto, Palm Network, Aavegotchi, IDEX, Nubank, and Manta Network, for their Layer 2 network developments. A key advantage of the CDK over Edge is its capability to enable interoperability within a broad network of ZK-powered L2s, creating a unified pool of liquidity. This feature is not natively supported by Edge and requires significant modifications for migration.

Polygon’s Dual Scaling Methods

Polygon Labs employs two primary scaling methods: Polygon PoS, a sidechain, and zkEVM, a zero-knowledge rollup network. The company is also focusing on a significant development of the 2.0 upgrade, slated for release in 2024. This upgrade aims to form an ecosystem comprising multiple chains with enhanced zero-knowledge capabilities, powered by the CDK. The ecosystem is designed to integrate Layer 2 chains based on ZK rollups and facilitate cross-chain communication, marking a significant step forward in blockchain technology.

Commitment to Advancing Blockchain Technology

The shift in focus from Edge to CDK by Polygon Labs underscores the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology. As the industry evolves, Polygon Labs is positioning itself to lead in developing advanced, interoperable blockchain networks.

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