Polygon Halts Development on ‘Edge,’ the Platform Behind Dogechain, Shifting Attention to ZK Technology

Polygon Labs Shifts Focus

Polygon Labs, a developer specializing in scaling networks for Ethereum, has recently transitioned its focus to “Polygon CDK,” a blockchain development kit utilizing zero-knowledge cryptography.

Deprecation of Polygon Edge

Polygon Labs has officially deprecated support for “Polygon Edge,” an older blockchain template that was previously utilized by Dogechain in an unofficial attempt to establish a Dogecoin-oriented smart contracts network.

Dogechain and Polygon Edge

Dogechain, a project not officially endorsed by Dogecoin leaders, employed Polygon Edge to construct a new network allowing Dogecoin’s DOGE to be used for transaction gas fees.

Shift to Polygon CDK

In response to changing industry landscapes, Polygon Labs has redirected its support to the new “Polygon CDK,” a framework for building layer-2 blockchains powered by zero-knowledge cryptography (ZK), a technology integral to many recent crypto projects.

Polygon CDK Adoption

Several projects, including Immutable, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, and Manta Network, have already committed to using Polygon CDK. The team is actively pursuing opportunities such as Celo blockchain’s migration to layer 2 and a new layer-2 network for the Kraken crypto exchange.

Dogechain and DOGE

Dogechain, initiated last year by developers with an affinity for the Dogecoin community, chose Polygon Edge as its open-source software template. The platform aimed to introduce Ethereum-style smart contracts, enabling DeFi protocols and NFTs, utilizing DOGE tokens for transaction fees.

Uncertain Future for Dogechain

It remains unclear how Polygon’s decision will impact Dogechain’s operations or roadmap. While Dogechain’s launch was not officially endorsed by top Dogecoin community leaders, Polygon Labs suggests that many projects may migrate to Polygon CDK, eventually integrating into the unified CDK ecosystem.

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