Polygon Pivots Away from ‘Edge,’ the Dogechain Creator, Embraces ZK Technology

Polygon Labs Phases Out Support for Older Edge

Polygon Labs, the primary group behind the Polygon blockchain world, has ceased development on Polygon Edge, a tool used for creating networks similar to Ethereum. Polygon Edge served as a model for Dogechain, which aimed to bring decentralized finance (DeFi) to the Dogecoin community.

The focus has now shifted to something new called Polygon CDK. This CDK functions as a framework for creating layer-2 blockchains using the innovative mathematics of “zero-knowledge cryptography,” often abbreviated as “ZK.”

Polygon Labs’ Embrace of Zero-Knowledge Technology

Throughout this year, Polygon Labs’ leaders have hinted at a move towards zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. In March, they launched Polygon zkEVM, a new network similar to Ethereum but with ZK capabilities. Now, the team is urging blockchain creators to explore “Polygon CDK,” a blueprint for crafting fresh layer-2 networks using this innovative technology.

According to Polygon Labs’ recent blog post, the environment in which their earlier tool, Edge, was developed has shifted. They now throw their weight behind a solution that empowers developers to build within a future ecosystem dominated by ZK-powered layer-2 systems. Projects like Immutable, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, and Manta Network have already committed to adopting Polygon CDK.

Polygon’s Influence on Dogechain’s Trajectory

The white paper for Polygon Edge outlines its flexible framework used to create blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum’s smart contracts and transactions. It has been the go-to tool for launching new networks and scaling solutions in the blockchain world.

Surprisingly, the Dogechain initiative didn’t receive backing from key figures in the Dogecoin community. When Dogechain launched, Jens Wiechers, a board member of the Dogecoin Foundation, made it clear through a tweet that the foundation wasn’t associated with the project. Even the founders of Dogecoin distanced themselves from Dogechain.

The impact of Polygon’s decision on Dogechain’s future operations or plans remains uncertain. Attempts to reach out for comments via the Dogechain website didn’t yield an immediate response. Queries posed on the project’s official Discord channel also went unanswered, leaving ambiguity around any potential changes or effects resulting from Polygon’s shift.

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