Polygon zkEVM Testnet Complete Guide !!

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100 days 100 Alpha Airdrop Challenge

Many exclusive things are going to be covered like retroactive, nodes airdrops, incentivized TestNet, alpha airdrops, early or less popular airdrops !!

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What Is PolyGon zkEVM ?

Polygon zkEVM is the first zk-Rollup with source code available, providing complete EVM opcode equivalence for a frictionless user experience and the security of Ethereum.

Polygon zkEVM uses advanced encryption, called proofs with zero disclosure, to reduce transaction fees and increase throughput while maintaining the security of Ethereum.

Its Testnet Setup Tutorial !!

TestNet Tutorial

Now we will proceed to the testnet procedure , we do couple of tasks to examine it properly !!

1. Claim Faucet

First we need to claim Georli ETH from the faucet !

Link https://goerlifaucet.com/

Put your adress and done !!

2. Add Network

We have to add testnet network to our metamask !!

Link https://deprecated.zkevm-test.net/login

Click On Add To MetaMask

Network Added

3. Bridge

Now we will transfer 0.05$ETH from the Goerli network to the public-testnet-litchi network !!

Link https://deprecated.zkevm-test.net/login

Click on connect wallet and connect the wallet !!

We will bridge through Goerli network to the public-testnet-litchi network !!

Confirm and Approve the transaction !!

Click on Finalize and sign the transaction and done !!

4. Make Swaps

Now we go to go to the site Photonswap and make a swap $ETH on $PHOTON and vice versa.

Link : https://photonswap.finance/#/swap

Note : At the time of writing this blog network was down so i suggest you to try at yours !!

Swap ETH to $PHOTON and vice versa !!

5. Bridge Back

Now we will bridge our funds back to the Georil Testnet Network !!

Do same procedure as tutorial above to complete transaction.

Link https://deprecated.zkevm-test.net/login

And Done !!

Thanks its done for today.
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