Polygon’s Yields Decline, Yet NFT Collection Emerges as Savior

In a Remarkable Milestone: Crossing $20 Million in Minting Volume

In a significant achievement, the minting volume of Polygon-based Reddit Collectible Avatars has soared past the remarkable $20-million mark. At the time of writing, this collection is proudly held by more than 16 million users.

Polygon’s Strong Presence in NFT Sales

Polygon has firmly established itself as the second-largest blockchain in NFT sales within the past week. This robust performance has solidified its position in the NFT landscape, even amidst recent challenges.

Resilience Amidst Negative Sentiment

The non-fungible token (NFT) market has faced a wave of negative sentiment, leading to decreased demand for major collections, hitting historic lows. However, amidst this challenging environment, certain NFTs continue to shine and capture the market’s attention. Their success highlights the enduring vitality of this creative Web3 vertical.

Shining Spotlight on Reddit Avatars

The minting volume of Polygon [MATIC]-based Reddit Collectible Avatars has impressively exceeded the $20-million milestone. NFTgators recently shared a post confirming this achievement. Moreover, this collection has garnered ownership from a staggering 16 million holders, marking the popularity of the collection launched by the renowned social media platform in 2022.

These Collectible Avatars showcase limited-edition artwork created by both independent artists and Reddit community members. Holders of these avatars enjoy exclusive benefits on the Reddit platform. These perks encompass the ability to employ special avatar effects, a unique privilege reserved for those using Collectible Avatars as their Reddit profile pictures. Additionally, special treatment awaits these holders when commenting on posts.

According to the latest data from Dune, an impressive 2.2 million holders, accounting for nearly 14% of total holders, own more than one Collectible Avatar. Furthermore, the collection has facilitated transactions surpassing $40 million, spanning both primary and secondary sales.

Reddit recently introduced its Gen 4 collection titled “Retro Reimagined.” This launch significantly contributed to the overall growth in mints and holders. Since its unveiling, the number of avatars in circulation has surged by over two million. Gen 4 has achieved a noteworthy sales volume of $277,524, while Gen 3 transactions have exceeded $3.4 million.

Polygon’s NFT Landscape: Navigating Challenges

The Collectible Avatars have proven to be a lifeline for the Polygon ecosystem, as it recuperates from the departure of the y00ts profile picture (PFP) collection owned by DeLabs.

As reported by CryptoSlam, Polygon has demonstrated its dominance in the NFT sales realm, securing the second-largest position, trailing only behind Ethereum [ETH]. Remarkably, transactions totaling nearly $14 million were accomplished within the past week.

In addition to Reddit, the esteemed DraftKings collection has also contributed to energizing Polygon’s thriving NFT ecosystem.

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