Reddit NFT Auction Surpasses $40M Mark: Insights into Future Plans from Polygon Founder

Reddit NFT Sale Surpasses $40M

Real-time data gathered by Dune Analytics reveals that the cumulative sales of Reddit NFTs have increased, reaching a record high of $40,554,135. Similarly, the volume of Collectible Avatars has surpassed a remarkable 20.3 million, as recorded within the past 24 hours.

Moreover, the number of holders of these distinctive NFTs has risen to over 16 million. As a result, the market capitalization of the Collectible Avatars is now about to hit $100 million.

Notably, the Dune Analytics dashboard spotlighted more intriguing insights into the Reddit NFT landscape. According to the report, the Gen 4 collections have amassed an aggregate primary sales volume of $856,190, with a robust holder count of 12,854.

Interestingly, the Gen 4 NFTs have witnessed over 200 sales within the past 24 hours, collectively valued at more than $6,200. Meanwhile, the Gen 3 collections’ cumulative sales have surpassed $3 million, with a substantial holder count of 41,684.

Polygon Founder on What’s Next

These compelling statistics have not escaped the attention of Sandeep Nailwal, the founder of the Polygon blockchain. Nailwal recently utilized the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) to draw attention to the burgeoning ecosystem.

In the tweet, he acknowledged that while the growth around Polygon may be gradual, it is undeniably indicative of progress. Nailwal said:

“Polygon ecosystem’s mainstream products are silently reaching ‘magic inflection points of growth, be it Reddit Avatars, DraftKings NFTs, or Nike dotSWOOSH. Many others lined up too. Soon AAA gaming too. Slowly but surely, fam!”

Of particular note, “AAA gaming” alludes to high-budget gaming titles. Nailwal implied that the Polygon blockchain is poised for substantial expansion to see the development and release of noteworthy AAA gaming projects.

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