Polymon Finance AMA Recap

PolygonDaily hosts Polymon Finance: 3rd generation yield farming on Polygon (Matic).

PolygonDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @Ataxia1!

PolygonDaily – Admin: Nice to have you here with us today. How is your day?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance:Doing good! ready to spread the PYM news

PolygonDaily – Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: Ready

Q1: What is Polymon Finance all about? Give us a little summary.

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: Well Polymon Finance is our newest project at NERD finance.

It is a liquidity incentive platform with an NFT focus.

We are going to launch an NFT called Polymon which will serve as the governance tokens of the platform.

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: We are a team of blockchain developers and enthusiasts that are looking to innovate in the blockchain space.

We like to try new things in hopes of finding the next big product.

We run a few projects let me give you a list

strudel.finance is a one-way trustless bridge for bitcoin

vid.camera is a social media app that pays you

regenz.io is our first AI NFT project

nerd.finance is our home

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build Polymon Finance?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: We think that Matic will be the home of the next big wave of the NFT space and we wanted to be the first ones in.

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens $PYM. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $PYM use cases?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: PYM is our liquidity incentive token. There are around 1million PIM with inflation that’s being reduced every day to mitigate selling.

The use case will be to burn it to obtain our governance NFTs and as a currency for further NFT drops in the network.

We want to create Defi xNFT solutions that use these tokens to produce the best buying experience for NFTs in Matic.

UX and cost are everything and I think that network allows people to buy and sell NFTs for almost no cost which is what the market will look for in the long run.

Q5: Does $PYM get audited?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: We haven’t had an audit by Rug Doc after launch which checked for the most common issues with this sort of contract. We have taken all steps necessary to avoid any risks.

Q6: Where can we buy $PYM?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance:⦿ Polymon has been vetted and added to RugDoc


⦿ Polymon has been added to vfat.tools


⦿ AMA in the Only Farms Telegram on Sunday 8/8 at 10 AM EST

⦿ Overall emissions were lowered by 25% on 8/7/2021 to 1.2 PYM/block

⦿ APRs are being worked on as we speak. The only accurate one is PYM-MATIC. In the meantime, we will provide estimated APRs from stopwatch calculations for various pools below. Bear with us!

⦿ Farm/Nest APR estimations (updated as info comes in)

– wETH = 1400%, PYM = 500%

⦿ Please visit our Polymon Gitbook for information

PYM Token Information

⦿ Buy PYM on Quickswap

⦿ PYM Dextools Chart

⦿ Launch Price: 2.94 PYM/MATIC

⦿ LGE Price: 2.93 PYM/MATIC

⦿ Initial supply: 700,000 PYM

⦿ Initial market cap: $200,000

⦿ PYM Token Address: 0xaab1e09ccfee6d40f18db46293d14b30dd1073be

Polymon Pool Information

Current Polymon Farms


⦿ Farm on Polymon.finance here

Current Polymon Nests (single-stake)

⦿ PYM, vBTC (Polygon link here, but see Ethereum vBTC guide below. Ethereum vBTC is cheaper and has better liquidity), wETH

⦿ vBTC on Ethereum Guide

⦿ Single-stake on Polymon.finance here

⦿ Deposit fee (all farms and nests): 1% (0% for PYM-MATIC or PYM)

⦿ Withdrawal fee: 0%

Polymon (PYM) Distribution

25% – Liquidity Generation Event (175,000 PYM)

35% – Polymon Liquidity Grant Program (245,000 PYM)

21.6% – Treasury (151,177 PYM)

8.4% – Liquidity addition (58,823 PYM)

5% – NERD token holder airdrop (35,000 PYM)

5%   – Marketing incentives (35,000 PYM)

Current Farm Emissions

⦿ Initial rate: 52750 PYM per day (1.6 per block)

⦿ Current rate: 36500 PYM per day (1.2 per block)

⦿ Emissions rate will be lowered based on demand until a base rate of 7000/day is met.

⦿ 10% of farm yields will be yielded to the Polymon Treasury for development

Official links in the Polymon Yat!


Ataxia | Nerd Finance:You can click that y.at link at the bottom for all of our content

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: In the following weeks we will release our polymonsters to the world. It is one of the first projects of this kind on Matic so it will probably have some historical value.

After that we want to allow NFT holders and the community at large to be able to use our platform to launch their tokens and to get services related to NFT/dex liquidity.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Polymon Finance on social media?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: https://t.me/PolymonFinance

Gitbook: https://nerd-finance.gitbook.io/polymon-finance/

PolygonDaily – Admin: Thank you.

PolygonDaily – Admin: Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community, @Ataxia1?

Ataxia | Nerd Finance: Thanks for participating guys.

I really appreciate it.

PolygonDaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you @Ataxia1 

PolygonDaily – Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Polymon Finance

Source : cryptodaily.io

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