Red Panda AMA Recap: How To Earn RPN Token

PolygonDaily hosts Red Panda: #NFT #RedPanda #PolygonDaily #Polygon

Polygon_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today?

Michael: Pretty good feeling I’d say. Always happy to see new people around Red Panda Family :))

Polygon_Daily Admin: Happy to hear! Ready to start our AMA?

Michael: For sure!

Q1: Can you tell us a simple description about Red Panda, the name & story behind?

Michael: Sure!

Red Panda Planet is a planet where 10000 randomly generated cure Red Pandas live. It’s a planet in the Polygon ecosystem, where having fun is rewarded at all the steps with advanced play-to-earn mechanics.

It’s an upcoming tamagotchi style game where you can grow your Red Panda to play Match3, Pacman and Contra-like mini-games, while making profit almost for each action done in the game.

Why Red Panda? When we traveled with our team to Himalayas, they were most adorable live creatures I’ve ever met. That’s why we decided that everybody should know about Red Pandas

Q2: Can you tell us a bit about the team and their experience with crypto projects?

Michael: Of course!

We have a widely experienced team, many of our employees have been in crypto for 3+ years and participated in an array of blockchain projects (CEXes, DEXes, NFT-marketplaces), so they know every nuance of creating an attractive product.

As for myself, I’ve been in crypto since the start of 2019. Even though got my first crypto kittie in 2017. But wasn’t so curious that time and lost access to the wallet

Our team is full of hardcore gamers who are now willing to provide the same experience for P2E that we’ve got during end on 90s playing all arcade stuff.

Q3: How can users earn RPN tokens and what else can a user do to earn?

Michael: Basically, RPN Family members, as we call our community now, can earn RPN by staking, growing Red Panda, and playing Mini games.

Each Red Panda can be bred to get a newborn child that can be sold on Marketplaces.

And as I mentioned earlier, any player will be rewarded with wETH just for playing.

There will be 2 tokens in-game.

Red Panda Token (RPN) – the main token of the game, tradable outside the game.

Ingame Panda Token (IPT) – token that can be used only inside game. Doesn’t’ have any value outside the game.

Each time IPT or RPN spent in-game, player will be rewarded with wETH

And there are several ways of making profit.

1) By Holding RPN token, you will earn IPT token, get wETH

2) If you provide liquidity with RPN, IPT amount you get is higher.

3) By earning RPN tokens for breeding Red Pandas and playing mini-games

4) By selling Red Panda NFTs you breed

5) By winning in mini-games monthly tournaments.

Q4: What is unique about Red Panda Planet and how is it the next generation P2E game?

Michael: What is unique about Red Panda Planet is that we are rediscovering old-school arcade games to engage casual players and introduce more people to Play to Earn industry with innovative monetization mechanics.

Aside from that, the game itself won’t be restricted to specific game type, which means there will be simple that Match3 games, but more complex games like Contra style or Pacman will be introduced too.

We are also keen to add that alongside with being able to earn native RPN token, you’ll be also earning rewards in wETH just for playing game.

Q5: What do you like about NFT gaming?

Michael: I’ve been a local professional gamer from the time before Twitch was cool.

Have spent tons of time playing Pokemon TCG, Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, especially on tournaments.

The time I’ve spent playing on Arcades and Computer clubs is also uncountable :))

Right now, I’m spending some time playing Pokemon and Touhou.

And I always thought, what if we can attract more people back to old-school arcade stuff with p2e and NFTs? So more people will get back to that Arcade Machine Vibe

But also Red Panda vibe too.

Q6: How do you approach your marketing to increase Red Panda Planet users in the future? 

Michael: We believe that making the game a success depends on community engagement enhanced but guerilla marketing so we can reach different types of gamers in various platforms. The idea here is that we don’t limit ourselves in simply reaching out to NFT gaming enthusiasts, but all gamers from different channels.

Q7: What can you share about the roadmap for Red Panda Planet?

Michael: For our roadmap, we are looking at a few milestones to finish 2021 on a great note so we can carry over the momentum in 2022.

For now, we’ve already started game Development and Red Panda NFT minting is live.

In Q1 2022 we will release RPN token and will launch early adopters supporting the program, while listing RPN on Coingecko, CMC, DEXes and passing security audits, while growing our community.

In Q2 2022, the game will be released to the public, starting with a big raffle event with $50,000 in prizes.

Q8: Where can we find out more about Red Panda on social media?

Michael: You can follow us by following social media.

We’re providing continuous updates on Twitter and medium and holding lots of nice giveaways and contests for the community in Discord.

So, please, follow us to stay tuned!


Discord Server:



Polygon_Daily Admin: With this, we are now at the end of our AMA session with Red Panda.

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Michael: I’m very happy to hear lots of good words today

Let’s enjoy the gaming, because having fun is the most important in nowadays

And join our discord and Twitter definitely Big updates will be coming sooner than you can expect.

Polygon_Daily Admin: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Red Panda.

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