Revolutionizing Crypto Security: The Vision of

Introduction offers a groundbreaking solution to individuals and businesses seeking to gain deeper insights into their users’ crypto habits and creditworthiness. The portal harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and blockchain technology to provide essential services like crypto fraud detection, transaction monitoring, user segmentation, and credit scoring.

Building Trust in Crypto has integrated AI algorithms to calculate the Trust Score of any wallet on major networks like Ethereum, the BNB Chain, or Polygon. With an impressive predictive power of 98%, their Crypto Fraud Detector tool offers an accurate forecast of potential fraudulent activity based on unique transaction patterns. To use this feature, users must select their network, input the wallet address, and click “Calculate.” The platform will then reveal whether the address is new, part of a contract, or flagged as a scam address in forensic databases. Users can share their Trust Score results by connecting to, fostering a community of trust and transparency. Additionally, users do not need to log in if they only want to check an external wallet address.

Crypto Transaction Monitoring for Businesses

Businesses can leverage’s AI-based Transaction Monitoring system to validate transacting addresses in real-time for trustworthy transactions. Exchanges or decentralized finance (defi) dapps can also benefit from this system to make informed decisions and comply with regulatory requirements. has successfully integrated’s AI-based Transaction Monitoring system to analyze all connecting addresses, enabling them to disable transactions from addresses flagged as potential fraud.

User Segmentation and Credit Scoring’s User Segmentation service allows users to identify profitable wallet addresses. By utilizing Big Data and AI, this solution helps find potential high-earning clients and provides better conditions for them. Additionally, the platform’s Crypto Credit Scores can be instrumental for businesses looking to identify reliable borrowers.

Pricing offers flexible pricing options for individuals and businesses. A few monthly checks are available for free, while businesses can opt for subscription models that allow for increased calls.

The Future is committed to revolutionizing crypto security, making the crypto space more secure, trustworthy, and user-friendly. Clients can stay ahead of the curve by leveraging’s innovative solutions.

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