Shroom Airdrop, Validator Rewards, and Skills Release!

The Shroom Airdrop consists of Presale bonus, migration reward, and community events.

The Presale Airdrop bonus is based on your Whitelist level:

Whitelist 1- 2500 SHROOM

Whitelist 2- 1800 SHROOM

Other WL- 1000 SHROOM

100 SHROOM per user is rewarded to the users who migrated their NFTs from Harmony to Ethereum.

And we have been conducting community events for SHROOM for a while. Everyone who received SHROOM for participating and winning in a community event can claim their SHROOM rewards now.

Validator Rewards

We had a Rabbit Hole Validator Node on Harmony where users could stake their Harmony ONE and earn SHROOM as a reward.

We have awesome news here! Instead of vesting the reward on monthly basis, we have changed it to hourly. That means Harmony Validator Rewards will now be released hourly over the course of 6 months.

Hourly reward = Total reward earned by user from Validator Staking / (6 months *24 hours)

Skills Upgrade

You will now be able to upgrade the skills of your Character NFTs.

Skill upgrades are based on a random number chance generation. The random numbers will be between 1, 2, and 3, and depending on that, they will get stats upgraded. Depending on the random number, with the same cost, NFT stats might get updated by Level 1 in the minimum or Level 3 in the maximum. This gives you a chance to level up faster if you get 3s — test your luck!

Out of a total stats of 6–12, you will be able to upgrade 2–12 Pre-Game. You can only upgrade each skill by 5 points at max on each transaction. You can repeat the process as often as possible until the limit is reached.

For the worst case(max)- 394.68 $SHRM and for the best case(min) — 167.18 $SHRM would be the total cost to upgrade your NFTs Pre-Game. This cost is for regular stats only, the cost will be different for the special characteristics stats for the Cards.

The shroom cost will be in the range of 167.18 $SHRM- 394.68 $SHRM.

You will be able to upgrade your NFT skills 5 times per skill per transaction. For those 5 times, different random numbers will be applied and your skill increase will happen based on them. So, there is a chance of getting 5 skill upgrades or 15 skill upgrades at once.

Before the game release, Pre-Game, you can simply upgrade your NFT skills with SHROOM, but after the game launch, you would need to play the game in order to earn XP. Once you have reached the required XP for the level, the Character Potential, only then can you upgrade your NFTs. Take the opportunity to get free XP for every upgrade you do right now.

Random Snapshots will be taken for Skill Upgrades and based on them, HOOKAH tokens will also be given away. We have many things in store for people with upgraded NFTs, so go forth and upgrade!

Characters NFTs can be upgraded on the following sectors (Some of the skills use-case in the game are subject to change after beta and as we test more):

Stamina: Number of areas Card Soldiers can walk before they have to rest. Runner Clubs will have more stamina.

Rest: The amount of time it takes a Card Soldier to recover before they can start exploring again. Insomniac Diamonds will have more rest.

Sector: The number of times a Character can teleport to another sector can be increased with level and SHROOMs.

Luck: More luck means more probability of finding the Surge Zone.

Ground: Numbers of adjacent areas the Card Soldier can lock for the other Card Soldiers in their Group List. Can cover more ground while searching for Surge Zone. This is only applicable on Spade and Heart cards.

Prestige: The higher the prestige, the less tax the Card Soldier has to pay to the Queen.

Recovery: Less time it takes the Card Soldier to recover.

Order: Brings more order to Wonder Game and makes it harder for Alice to steal more SHROOMs.

Curiosity: Alice finds more tricks to steal the SHROOMs from the Card Soldiers.

We had shared a sheet of the shroom burn before but based on community response, we are revising the sheet. The exact amount of shroom needed to be burned for each Character type and stats is below. You will be able to calculate the best-case and worst-case scenario costs based on the following data.

Source : Polygon Medium

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