Starbucks Collaborating With Polygon to Create Its Web3 Experience

Starbucks Odyssey, the well-known coffee brand has now partnered with the Polygon blockchain to create its recently unveiled Web3 experience.

Digital Collectible Stamps to be Awarded

Through this new initiative, Starbucks Rewards loyalty program customers and workers in the US will be able to collect and buy digital collectible stamps in the form of NFTs.

The stamps will have well-known Starbucks artwork that was jointly produced by outside artists and Starbucks partners. The limited-edition stamps can be bought with a credit card.

As a result, no bitcoin or crypto wallet will be necessary, making the Starbucks Odyssey experience a fun and simple method for members to use this new technology and stake a claim to their Starbucks loyalty.

Other Incentives

Starbucks Rewards users will log in to the web app using their current reward program credentials in order to interact with the Starbucks Odyssey experience.

Once there, users will be able to participate in a variety of activities, referred to by Starbucks as “journeys,” such playing interactive games or completing tasks that will expand their knowledge on Starbucks or coffee in general. Members can obtain early digital treasures in the form of NFTs when they complete these adventures (non-fungible tokens). However, Starbucks Odyssey forgoes the technical jargon and refers to these NFT collectibles as “journey stamps.”

Users will also have access to immersive coffee experiences, including invites to exclusive events, one-of-a-kind items, and artist collaborations.

Starting on September 12, there will be a waitlist for the Starbucks Odyssey experience. The experience will debut later this year and be supported by the Polygon PoS network’s competitive pricing and quick transaction times.

Starbucks’ upcoming Web3 initiative was previously disclosed by interim CEO Howard Schultz during the company’s Q3 2022 earnings call. According to him, this project would give Starbucks new opportunities for customer interaction and will broaden the “digital third place community.”

“Building Starbucks Odyssey utilizing technology that aligns with our sustainability objectives and commitments is a primary focus,”

Said Ryan Butz, vice president of loyalty, strategy, and marketing at Starbucks.

When deciding which blockchain to use,

“We took a very serious and thorough approach, and Polygon’s fast, low-cost, and carbon-neutral network provides the appropriate basis for our first digital community.”

The co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, thinks they are the best platform for Starbucks’ Web3 debut. According to him, Polygon is an obvious choice for Starbucks because both organizations place a high value on diversity, accessibility, and sustainability.

Limited-Edition NFTs

A selection of limited-edition NFTs will also be sold on the Starbucks Odyessy web app, which is compatible with mobile devices.

According to the company, these choices are still being made, so it is not yet ready to disclose how much its NFTs will cost or how many will be available at launch.

The different “stamps” (NFTs) will, however, have a point value based on their scarcity and can be purchased or traded in the marketplace by Starbucks Odyessy members, with the ownership being verified on the blockchain.

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