Starter Goes Cross-Chain: Polygon Blockchain Launch

We are excited to share that Starter has gone cross-chain with the launch on Polygon Blockchain.

Launched to fulfil some of Ethereum’s shortcomings, that Polygon is outperforming and rising meteorically. The multichain system combines the best of Ethereum’s network effects with aspects of sovereign blockchains in an attractive feature set. Made by developers, for developers.

A new direction for Starter?

Starter is known to thrive, restlessly innovate and evolve. For a long time, they have been trying to bring both vetted and community voted IDO launches to multiple blockchains. Polygon is just the beginning, and eventually, Starter will live on seven blockchains and offer IDOs across all of them.

Starter is community-focused, which is reflected in the relatively low cost to gain entry to IDOs and options for guaranteed allocations that ensure that the $STARTers who continue to back and stake the token are rewarded. Starter $STARTs its journey on Polygon by announcing a partnership with one of the leading DEX’s, QuickSwap. Together, they will create QuickStart, a collaborative initiative that offers new utility for $QUICK & $START holders and an innovative new launchpad for Polygon.

It’s the balance between this hunger for growth and our core community values that makes Starter unique. Everything Starter does is to bolster the network that makes the platform valuable to the loyal $START-ers. With this in mind — staying faithful to community values and innovating at the front of the industry — their move to cross-chain is inevitable as they continue to bring the best projects to their community and provide them with the tools to make the most of these opportunities, while constantly raising their game as a presence in the crypto sphere.

Why Polygon?

While Ethereum is thought of as the primary blockchain development platform, it unfortunately still has major limitations. Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, effectively transforming Ethereum into a multi-chain system (this is why it’s known as Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains).

Polygon is the answer to many of the main issues with single-chain systems and has tackled them with features that align closely with the Starter vision and where they are headed.

Some of these features include:

One-click deployment of preset blockchain networks.

A growing set of modules for developing custom networks.

Interoperability protocol for exchanging arbitrary messages with Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

Modular and optional “security as a service”.

Adaptor modules to enable interoperability for existing blockchain networks.

Polygon’s rise in popularity in some ways mirrors Starter’s in that it has offered traders an open and powerful tool that is network and community-driven. These are driving forces that make Polygon the ideal vehicle for our transition to multi-chain.

How to find START on Polygon?

The following resources are available to help you find START in the growing Polygon ecosystem.

Buy START on QuickSwap: Start here!

START Token on PolygonScan: Check it out!

QUICK/START charts on QuickchartView Chart!

How to Use the 2-way Bridge to Transfer START from BSC to Polygon?

Transferring START tokens from BSC to Polygon is extremely easy! Starter utilizes the AnySwap/ networks to deliver a seamless experience to our community.

Follow the instructions below to help you get started.

Visit the START token bridge on View Token

Connect your MetaMask to PolygonConnect here!

Perform your Cross Chain Deposit using the image below:

About Starter

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