Straight Fire is launching on Polygon!

13th July – We are excited to announce that Straight Fire, an NFT production house and trading platform, is launching on Polygon!

Straight Fire’s production house curates existing NFTs from professional creators and together with leading brands and IPs develops its own NFT collections. By launching its NFT trading platform on Polygon, Straight Fire intends to reduce the gas fee for their users and enable faster transactions along with a seamless user experience. Straight Fire’s launch on Polygon will enable users to explore our DeFi blue-chip projects such as Aave, SushiSwap, Curve, and more.

What makes Straight Fire unique is its NFT Showcase tool that enables creators and buyers to display their NFT collections in a personalised, virtual environment. It is accessible to invitees, can be viewed on most devices such as PC, consoles and Smart TVs, and can be shared on all favourite social media channels.

As more and more users adopt the platform, there will be more transactions, and there is a need for a superior user experience. Polygon ensures that the gas fees stay low on the platform and provide faster transactions, thereby providing a superior user experience.

We welcome Straight Fire’s decision to join our growing NFT ecosystem to boost user adoption and make NFTs accessible to everyone, helping make Polygon the top NFT ecosystem after the Ethereum main chain.

About Straight Fire

Straight Fire is the Netflix of NFTs and creator of the first NFT showcase tool. Just like Netflix, we have our own platform, curate existing content, and develop our own. But instead of videos, we are all about NFTs. Through our NFT trading platform, we offer a library of NFT collections, including those that are produced in-house, our SFIRE Originals. And on top of that, we are the first to develop an NFT Showcase tool that enables creators and buyers to display their NFT collections in a personalized, virtual environment that is accessible to invitees. Whether you want to invest in Straight Fire, partner with us, create and sell NFTs or simply stay updated on the latest developments, don’t be shy and send us a message.

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