Telcoin is live on Polygon

We are excited to announce that V3 of the Telcoin Platform is now live on Polygon!

Telcoin’s V3 decentralized financial platform consists of two products: Send Money Smarter (SMS) Network and TELxchange. By launching on Polygon, Telcoin aims to reduce the costs associated with remittances and everyday payments.

TELx liquidity mining is live with 6 incentivized markets on QuickSwap, including TEL/WMATIC, with 3 earning $TEL & $QUICK. Read More

Polygon’s growing ecosystem consists of DeFi blue-chip projects include Aave, SushiSwap, QuickSwap, and more. Using Polygon’s full-stack Ethereum scaling solution, Telcoin can increase user adoption with a seamless user experience.

We look forward to the growth of Telcoin with its V3 launch and bring mass adoption to Polygon using its financial products.

About Telcoin

Telcoin V3 is a user-owned, decentralized financial platform powered by active Telcoin users and partners. The Telcoin Platform is a multi-layered, full-stack architecture with unique market participants on the demand and supply sides of each layer with a specific set of roles and responsibilities.

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Source : blog.polygon

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