Wyre now supports Polygon!

June 25, 2021 — We are excited to announce that Wyre, a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway, has now enabled $MATIC to their payment API.

Wyre provides payment APIs for individuals, developers, and partners. Now, Wyre has added $MATIC to their payment API meaning that users can pay using $MATIC on the Dapps built by the developers. This service has been enabled across 43 US states to pay using $MATIC through Wyre API.

How does this help Developers & Users?

With $MATIC addition to Wyre, Polygon developers building their Dapps can integrate the checkout API from Wyre and receive $MATIC payments. Polygon-based Dapps can easily convert fiat to the protocol’s $MATIC token in just 30 seconds.

With Polygon, users will benefit from a superior user experience, faster payments and lower gas fees. Additionally, users can access our polygon ecosystem that comprises blue-chip projects such as SushiSwap, Aave, Polymarkets, and many more.

By enabling $MATIC, Wyre has opened the doors for non-crypto users to adopt Polygon and contribute to the growing DeFi ecosystem.

About Wyre

Wyre is a regulated Money Service Business (MSB) founded in 2013. Being the leading infrastructure provider in crypto, Wyre has been bridging the gap between traditional banking and digital assets. Wyre is a team of payment gurus, early adopters of blockchain, product experts, and tech fans. The goal of Wyre is to change the future of how international payments will be done.

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