X3DEFI Weekly Project Update 8th January ’23 — Roadmap, Leveraging Platform & Extensive Marketing

Welcome to the second edition of the X3DEFI Weekly Project Update! Once again, we put together last week’s highlights and an outlook of what will happen during the following week. Thank you for being part of our journey to becoming Polygon’s new superpower, and enjoy the read!

What happened the last week?

The first week of the year was silent in terms of trading volume. However, we can look back at some fantastic achievements and milestones. Here are some highlights:

Amazing social growth

Let’s start with some fantastic facts: Due to our marketing focus, we have grown our social presence: Twitter followers are up by 150 (more than 30%), and the Telegram community has increased by 16%, reaching almost 500 members.

Successful vault launch

Right at the beginning of the week, we were excited to launch our following utility. In cooperation with Gaur Finance, we set up cutting-edge auto-compounding vaults. Based on the auto-compounding feature, vaults deliver a much higher annual return than traditional staking pools. Vaults are available for XFACTORY/MATIC and DARKX/XONE pools. Make sure to check them out: http://xfactory.darkx.money/#/vaults

Roadmap officially published

As another essential milestone, we were thrilled to publish our official 2023 roadmap. We invested a lot of time in preparing a detailed and transparent roadmap containing some amazing features and utilities. In case you have read it, make sure to check it out here: https://medium.com/@DarkXPolygon/x3defi-roadmap-2023-building-the-biggest-ecosystem-on-polygon-451467a0c7bc

Almost completed Lending/Leveraging platform test version

After having finalized the contract the week before, we spent countless hours developing the UI of our lending/leveraging platform. As a result, we are pretty close to releasing the first test version and announcing the official go-live.

Extensive marketing & shilling initiated

As planned, we initiated various marketing initiatives, including Twitter content, professional mod and shiller for TG, TikTok content, contests, and more.

What’s planned for the week ahead?

Finalizing lending & leveraging platform

Preparing Version 1.0 of our lending & leveraging platform is our top priority for the week ahead. The platform will bring enormous utilities to our ecosystem, and we will continue working hard to have a go-live soon.

Finalizing DarkX Contracts

We will continue to work on some pretty neat DARKX staking pools. Well, actually, it is much more than a staking pool — but we don’t want to leak too much at this point 🙂 Nevertheless, the plan is to complete the required contracts by the end of the week and set up the needed UI the following week. Get your DARKX ready!

Extensive Marketing

Obviously, marketing and creating content will be our focus again for the week ahead.

What else you need to know

  • Make sure to follow our TikTok profile and shill our content
  • We are currently putting together some how-tos regarding the upcoming lending/leveraging platform — so y’all get an idea about how to make the most out of it.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about X3DEFI, DARKX, XONE, XFACTORY, or the team behind Polygon’s new superpower? Here are some links to get you started or help to get in touch with us:


Source : Polygon Medium

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