You Can Now View and Showcase Your Polygon and Avalanche NFTs With (+ 6 other chains)!

We now support multi-chain, multi-address NFT collections across 8 blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, WAX, Counterparty, and Dogeparty

2023 will be the year of the multi-chain NFT collector, and we are here to provide the easiest, safest way to view and showcase your NFT collection. With that being said, to kick off the new year we’ve rolled out support for Polygon and Avalanche, the two most requested blockchains from our community.

Aggregate and Create Multi-Chain NFT Showcases Across 8 Blockchains with (+ more on the way!) lets you curate your own multi-chain NFT showcases that you can share on Web and mobile

With addition of support for Polygon and Avalanche NFTs, we move even closer to our vision of creating the easiest, safest way for collectors to aggregate and showcase their multi-chain, multi-address collections.

More to Come!

We’ll be adding even more blockchains and new features soon, so stay tuned! You can download for iOS or Android here.

What blockchains would you like to see us support next? Drop us a mention on DiscordTwitterInstagram, or leave a comment below!

Thanks to all of the collectors and creators for your ongoing feedback, feature requests, and support.

Happy collecting! 🎉

Source : Polygon Medium

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