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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting AMA with PolygonDaily! I’m Daley – your host for today and I have here with me Mr. RiggerBun – Lead Developer from the Baldr Network protocol! It seems like you guys have already met him but nobody asked him how he’s doing Shame

RiggerBun: Hey Daley, great to see you again!

RiggerBun: Hahaha

Cryptodaily Admin: So don’t mind me asking! Are you feeling good today?

RiggerBun: Don’t worry i’m always fine Today I’m feeling exciteeeed to show you our project

Cryptodaily Admin: Being the lead dev must be exhausting though right? The late hours, the bugs,…

RiggerBun: Well, yeah, but since there is so little left till launch, the redbulls do not fail…

Cryptodaily Admin: So you’re a redbull person aye, gotta get them energy pumping for the launch! Alright and I think we should not make people wait for any longer. Should we start the AMA right away? @RiggerBun

RiggerBun: Yesss, let’s rock this

Q1. Please introduce yourself and the Baldr Network Team to the audience! What are your experiences in Blockchain tech?

RiggerBun: So… you want to know about me

Hello readers, I’m RiggerBun. I work as a react developer on a daily basis and I am a crypto enthusiast since I was mining ethereum in 2016. Never got much of a profit mining but since that year i’m actively investigating and reading about crypto.

I learned about DeFi 1.0, BSC and Polygon, web3 and got very interested in creating something of my own, so I assembled a team of developers and started investing ourselves in Baldr Network. I even have worked on other projects related to DeFi earning some experience before making my own.

We are currently 3 main developers in Baldr Network Team:

Rigger(@RiggerBun) Dev Lead, mistletoeFan (@suggarKing)  dev and nora blazer (@norablazer) dev. You can contact us on telegram, in the Baldr Network group.

We are passionate about defi and web3, and crypto based communities, also in our leisure time we love playing some online game and we hit the the gym from time to time

Some of us have another job in the day but that does not mean that we will not work until bleed on Baldr , like the vikings we are

Cryptodaily Admin: Great introduction! So besides the technical aspect, you must have people working in marketing and production, etc right

RiggerBun: Currently we are doing everything as we need the workforce to launch the project, but we are forming a specialized marketing team + partnership team. If anyone is interested, do not hesitate to contact us

Q2. Can you give us an introduction about Baldr Network? What is the idea behind this project? And how long has Baldr Network been in development?

RiggerBun: Baldr Network is a protocol based on DeFi 2.0. The project is inspired by the nordic god Baldr which represents beauty and justice. We aim to give investors a space where they can propose and participate in the decision making process of the protocol while using and enjoying Defi 2.0 novelties such as sustainable auto inflation and deflation mechanisms, and investor protection through treasury regulated APY.

Baldr Network has been in development since october 2021. First the project was a DeFi 1.0 project, but when DeFi 2.0 came out we scrapped all of the development because we believe that DeFi 2.0 is better for the investors

Q3. Who is Baldr? Are you inspired by Nordic mythology?

RiggerBun: Baldr was a nordic god that represented beauty and justice. He was all powerful but he was killed by (Loki) using mistletoe.

We really like that history ♥️ Also, Baldr represents something like a concept that is representative of hope. Something really needed in our current world agenda. Even if it is in web3, we would like to guide ourselves in those core main concepts.

Beside the concepts of Baldr, we also like the mythology surrounding nords. It is very impressive and vast. The setting in which those events pass too is very inspiring for us.

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s real beautiful, I never actually researched about the Nordic mythology myself except through Marvel’s movies

RiggerBun: I think we all got a little for that haha

Cryptodaily Admin: So Baldr represents beauty and justice! and Baldr Network is also involving communities in decision making process

Q4. But how exactly is the Baldr community driven? What are some of the decisions that the community can vote on perhaps?

RiggerBun: Yess that’s our end-goal. We, as the developer team, will give the community all the tools to become a DAO. The project is a community driven project because we believe that the investors have ideas and understand the ecosystem so much that they can also be part of development. Maybe not directly writing code, but voting and proposing features for the dapp.

Also, the community will be able to vote to tune variables in the protocol as they see fit.

Lastly, the voting power from the users will come from the quantity of token they are holding.

The community will be able to vote to change the parameters of the bonds for example, it will be able to designate the priorities, if the project needs more liquidity that can be set or if it needs more public reach that can be set too, also Vesting times, Rewards rates and other stuff can be set by the community through votation

Cryptodaily Admin: Right, but you know, I have seen projects which had to end prematurely because of the community’s decision

RiggerBun: It is true, total control is dangerous, but there are always emergency plans, the DAO should always aim to improve the project, not the other way around That is when we come in as a team to evaluate the decisions, everything can be discussed before

Q5. Let’s talk about your tokenomics: How can we use $BALDR in your platform?

RiggerBun: About tokenomics of the project: in defi 2.0 we do not have such a necessity to define that information. Of course, there is a change of paradigm here: we use variables that interfere in the protocol and those variables will be in our docs site. Those variables also could be modified if the community sees that fit. Also, what we can offer instead of tokenomics is transparency in the number related with the ITO and INO, as well as values of our variables used  in our different contracts used in the protocol displayed on the dApp visible to everyone

Regarding the second question, the users mainly will interact with the platform using $BALDR to stake. After a rebase, the users will see an increase of their $BALDR (represented by sBALDR, the staked token representation).

Also, you get $BALDR at discounted price in bonding. You deposit the currency of the bond (USDC or USDC/BALDR) and, after the vesting period, you get $BALDR in exchange.

This is how DeFi 2.0 usually works

Q6. You are making a presale at the moment so can you share more details about the presale?

RiggerBun: Not right now, we will be launching 2 presales: one will be called ITO that is a partnership with TakoDefi project. And the second one will be called INO.

We will use NFTs to keep track on which users participate in the presale, and will be airdropping $BALDR to those accounts at launch of platform

The dates are:

ITO: February 15, 2022 16:00 UTC

INO: February 16, 2022 16:00 UTC

Launch: 24 hours after INO ends.

The $BALDR will be airdropped between the opening of the platform and the end of the INO to users directly to their wallets. The presale price will be approximately $10 in tokens and the DEX launch price will be $13, so get your chance!

Cryptodaily Admin: Can you disclose anything about the NFTs also?

RiggerBun: Yes, the NFTs will be like tickets valid for $BALDR, so before our launch we will airdrop only to NFTs Holders their designed allocation. These NFTs comply with the OpenSea standards, so they can be used on third-party markets.

You can read more details on our Blog

Q7. What can we expect from Baldr Network this 2022?

RiggerBun: We are aiming to be one of the best Defi 2.0 Projects on Polygon, so to achieve this we have the following roadmap.

After our INO and ITO we will be releasing our dapp to the public in February.

Q1 2022, Launch happen!, we will focus ourselves into partnerships and becoming a DAO, incorporating voting and governance to the community

Q2 2022, We head to the (9,9) applying leverage to staking, making your earning go crazy

Q3 2022, Baldr Lending is implemented, a feature that will empower staking power to users

Q4 2022, We stay up to date to new trendings in the DeFi and crypto world.

Q8. Are there any exciting news you want to share with us today? Where can we find out more about you guys?

RiggerBun: So well, as you know there are only 2 days left to start pre-sales and for the launch a few more days, this week will be crazy… we are really excited about that LFG!

The surprise is… for those interested in participating we will do a closed beta so that they can test the platform on the testnet before its launch, among them we will giveaway an NFT valid for $BALDR tokens!! If you are interested, come to our TG

Ours networks are:




Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We are open for discussion, and anything Baldr related

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Baldr Network

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

RiggerBun: Thank you for participating with us, I invite you back to our socials, remember that there are only 2 days left for the initial pre-sale, stay next to the innovation stay with us

Thank you for being such a good host

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you too RiggerBun for coming to our community and talking about Baldr Network to us!

On behalf of the PolygonDaily community, I wish you and Baldr Network the best of luck!

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