Desire Presale in Depth

In each of the layers, the question always arises: What kind of launch will this layer have?
So far, we are trying many options: Stealth Presale, Fair Launch, Stealth Launch.
In each of these launches, we are adjusting the parameters to improve the ROI of our community.

launch strategy is a series of measures that are taken to ensure that tokenomics is fulfilled in the best way possible.

So the question always comes up: What kind of launch can we provide to improve the benefits to our community?

Fair Launch vs Presale

After multiple launches, we found that each exit strategy has its own set of features.
In each type, there are those who understand and invest more effectively their savings. Since each of these types allows for different financial strategies to be planned and executed.

After 5 layers, we understand that the presale has for our project and our community a greater intrinsic value.

Why a Presale?

Because you can get the token at a preferential price. In presale, you can get the biggest discounts and largest bonuses.

‌Other launch strategies are full of flaws and overridden by bots.

Being fair (as some advertise) is the real possibility to get the token at the same price. No tiers, no complexity. Just a simplified presale price.

‌Also, a presale is the closest start to a real community. The initial liquidity is provided by everybody who wants this project to succeed. The risk is easier on everybody’s shoulders. And therefore, the community also gets the best rewards, by knowing that budget for marketing is there.

More budget for buybacks

A major problem with the native token is the volatility of the price in the run-up to farming.
From the moment the initial liquidity is added, until the farming starts.

There are multiple measures to ensure that the value does not fall in a way that is detrimental to the project. And the most effective ones require a cash allocation.

By choosing the presale exit format, we can ensure that there is a much larger budget to keep the price as high as possible before farming. In this way, all investors benefit.

Presale Max Supply: Only 15K tokens

After multiple launches of presale, we reached an equilibrium where we can say that there is a max supply of 15k tokens.


This is very limited, and we are doing this to give our loyal community a chance to get in first.

By being so small, we help ensure that the price of the token does not drop precipitously when it starts circulating.

Presale Token price: 10 USDC.

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