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Banksy — Sandman Collaboration

The Sandman Finance team proudly presents the first implementation of the Kurama Protocol in production.We are currently working intensively together with the Banksy Farm team, to reach a successful implementation of the Kurama Framework in the next version of Banksy Farm. The Banksy Farm implementation will be a selected group of features of the Kurama[Read more…]

The new DeFi Protocol: Kurama

In these days where the complexity of the business logic of the DeFi space is increasing, we often find ourselves limited in the tools available. We also had multiple problems unrelated to the implemented logic such as the instability of the 3rd layer blockchain that we had to solve in different ways. From the Sandman[Read more…]

Sandman Finance V2 Is Launching Soon! Everything You Need To Know

Evolution is crucial in every economy. The Sandman Finance DeFi industry is constantly growing and expanding. Every time, new approaches to increase profits are presented. Even though certain enterprises disperse earnings, the creation of ownership is not yet complete. In this article, we present Sandman Finance V2 to solve this problem. Version 1 of the Sandman Finance[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Layer 7 Death: All You Need To Know

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a way for making financial commodities available to the general public over a decentralized blockchain network. Sandman Finance is a DeFi system that helps the community launch all seven levels with unique features. Sandman finance uses various technologies and protocols to achieve its aim of decentralization. With the debut of the seventh layer[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Launch Of NFT Merge In The Seventh Layer Death

We’ve always kept you informed about the newest developments in the crypto industry. Now BSCN news will help you learn more about Sandman Finance seventh layer, Death, and provide the most up-to-date information available for this layer. Sandman Finance is a new DeFi platform that has been working to give users a staking ground over[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Endless NFT’s Cards

The Sandman Finance team is happy to provide The Endless NFTs Cards as part of the community’s adventure across the sandman world. The Sandman Finance Gambling Engine will be NFT’s Cards. The Chain-link Randomness engine will produce each skill at random. Simply keeping the NFT card in your wallet will provide you with benefits across all tiers. Sandman Finance’s[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Layer Seventh Death Token

The wait is ended, and with the Presale and farming of the seventh layer, Death, the Sandman Finance comic odyssey comes to a close! If you’re looking for a safe and stable yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team devoted to development, you’ve come to the correct spot.[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Layer Seven Introduces Death Kingdom

Sandman Layers are a new feature that allows you to increase the value of your Sandman Token by following the comic dream journey. All levels will have access to the maximum supply. Sandman Finance has launched a new and last tier, Death, based on the success of earlier layers. The Death Kingdom is the most[Read more…]

Sandman Finance Seventh Layer Latest Features

The seventh layer, Death, the Sandman Finance comic voyage, comes to a close! If you’re looking for a secure and stable yield farm in the Polygon Network with high APYs and a dedicated Dream Guardian Team dedicated to the development, you’ve come to the correct spot. Sandman Farm is a great place to put your[Read more…]

NEW Strategy in Snapshot

In Sandman Finance, NFTs are the backbone of the platform ownership and therefore the decision process. And the way to participate in this DAO. Our NFTs are composed by various skills, as shown here. One of the skill is “Experience”, that starts at 0. And get increased as each community member uses this card. This New[Read more…]