Desire Timeline for Token and Farm Launch

Desire Timeline for Token and Farm Launch

It’s been a great presale.

Thanks to our great community we had a great presale. Now we are ready to move on to the token launch and farm launch phase of the layer.

The next short milestones will be:

Token Launch Day — December 5th

NFT Airdrop

The top 50 presale holders will get an NFT card Generation #4 as a reward for supporting the project.

Desire Kingdom

A new Desire Kingdom (Dividend Pool) will start today to reward everybody who buys Desire Token until Farm Launch. 1500 DAI!

Token Launch

Thanks to a successful presale.

We’ll add initial liquidity $44.750.

Swap Presale Token Lust for Desire

Presale supporters will be able to swap their tokens. They bought it at $10, and the initial price is $15.

Their ROI is 50%!

Sale NFT — December 6th

For those who wants to buy an NFT to increase their earnings during farming, an NFT card sale will start on December 6th.

Each card will have a value of $10.

Remember: You’ll be able to MERGE your cards.

Farming Launch Day — December 7th

Farming will start on December 7th, with huge APRs. Pools, Farm, Vaults and a lot more for NFT. Great features are coming.

For extra info, please check here: DESIRE FARMDESIRE is not only a new DeFi project on Polygon featuring a deflationary token model. After reviewing several yield…

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