Polygon Partners With Xend Finance To Train Over 2,000 Africans on Blockchain

The Polygon workshop, an eight-week intense mentoring and Bootcamp in Africa, is now accepting applications. The Polygon Hackathon and Bootcamp are Polygon’s first on the continent, introducing developers and programmers to the Polygon ecosystem through the use of Polygon technology and Xend Finance.

Bootcamp To Equip Africans With knowledge of Blockchain Development 

This Bootcamp by Polygon is similar to the one launched by other companies such as Meta, Reddit, and Stripe in Africa. These Bootcamps aim to make Africa a region for blockchain development by training its developers on how to use blockchain technology. 

Additionally, it will offer some financial support to help motivate them and sustain their interest in the sector. There would also be funding or mentorship opportunities for developers who perform well during the training. 

Those accepted into the mentorship program will be taught how to develop decentralized apps (Dapps) on the Polygon network. Some judges and mentors that would be part of the program are Future Africa’s Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, EdoInnovates’ Victor Asemota, Xend Finance’s Ugochukwu Aronu, and Shodipo Ayomide from Polygon. 

Furthermore, the Bootcamp has two major parts – a six-week training and a hackathon phase that will last for two weeks. During the hackathon phase, candidates will be expected to create decentralized initiatives on the Polygon Network and contend for huge cash and mentorship awards. 

Meanwhile, the Bootcamp will host over 2000 developers working with various developer firms in Africa, such as GDG Nairobi. 

Also, it would host other developers from five African brains, such as Rwanda, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Egypt. However, all participants participating in the training will receive a certificate. 

Polygon’s products consist of various blockchain technologies that are made for the Ethereum blockchain. The Bootcamp will train these developers on how to build applications that will make the ETH blockchain cheaper and faster.

The Two Tracks of the Bootcamp and Their Awards 

The training will have two different tracks, which are the beginners and mastery tracks. The first track will teach the participants the introductory phase of Web3. 

This track is open for those developers with no experience in Web3 development. The developers who do best in this category will go home with $5000. 

The first runner-up will receive $3000, while the second will get $2000. Also, the next ten projects which follow after them will receive $500 each.

As for the Mastery track, it will be for those who have experience in Web3 development. They will be taught about advanced Web3 development. 

The first person who wins in this category will receive $10000. The second and third candidates will get $7000 and $5000 accordingly. 

Additionally, the next three projects which follow after them will gain direct entrance into Polygon’s Accelerator initiative. Here, they will receive further funding and mentorship. That is not all. The next 30 projects which come after these three will get an award of $750 each.

Slow Blockchain Development in Africa

Meanwhile, the adoption of blockchain tech in Africa has been very low. Therefore, Polygon believes the best way to increase adoption is through partnership.

According to Michael Jordan, the Team Lead for Business Development, Polygon has collaborated with different communities in blockchain development. 

Some of them include Web3Ladies, Web3Bridge, etc. Such collaborations aim to train African developers on blockchain technology. The firm also provides them with the necessary funding and professional mentorship to help them scale.

Source : crypto.news

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