Impermax launches on Polygon

June 24th, 2021 — We are happy to share that Impermax is launching on Polygon. QuickSwap users will now be able to earn yields from liquidity with no impermanent loss. Impermax also allows QuickSwap liquidity providers to borrow & leverage their farming yields, by up to 50x.

Impermax currently offers some of the highest supply APRs in the industry. For instance, Uniswap users earned more than $500,000 in the month of May on providing Indirect Liquidity. The QuickSwap version aims to provide higher benefits and earnings to the users.

What does this integration mean for Polygon users?

Low gas prices and swift transactions are the key takeaways for Polygon users. This creates opportunities for the Impermax users to enter and exit the farming positions as the yields change.

Quick staking is another attractive opportunity for Impermax users. The users earn both the Quick staking rewards and the trading fees from the QuickSwap deposit made, in the form of Qucikswap LP tokens. Consequently, the Quick staking rewards are reinvested, which will result in the increased QuickSwap LP tokens. This reinvestment ensures that the reward redemption is hassle-free for the users.

About Impermax is an advanced DeFi platform that allows anyone to earn yield from liquidity providing with no impermanent loss. Using Indirect Liquidity Providing, farmers can lend funds to other farmers who use them to increase their earnings. The earnings are then shared between the lenders and borrowers.

Impermax is the only DeFi platform that effectively solves the problem of impermanent loss on decentralized exchanges and allows borrowers to leverage their farming yields by up to 20x.

Impermax creates capital efficiencies across the DeFi industry by allowing risk-averse liquidity providers to transfer their impermanent loss risk to risk-tolerant providers for a premium.

Source : blog.polygon

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