Legends Of Mitra Listed On Safeswap Online

Most game developers aspire to create a great game with a financing system that optimizes their ad earnings. Most crypto games now require players to buy virtual reality goods with real money before accessing advanced content.

If implemented, using cryptocurrency instead of cash would make the task much easier for NFT players and developers. Many developers are progressively catching up and can now tag their digital collectibles.

Safe swap online has been a staking platform that provides multiple NFT games with staking pools and trading pools that allow them to use this monetization technology. Safe swap recently listed Legends of Mitra on their website.

Most people, especially those in the nft space, are aware that there are millions of nfts available and that you can buy and sell them for a very low price Legends Of Mitra is one of them. For the time being, the game will be free to play. The gameplay will essentially reward players worldwide with the Mita token based on their level of engagement in the game.

With the increased exposure and popularity of NFT games, Safe swap online thought it was time to list the finest NFT game, Legends of Mitra. Continue reading the article to learn in detail about Legends of Mitra!

How Would You Define Legends Of Mitra?

This NFT game was built with a strategy so that people who played this game on the legends of Mitra platform could play and earn. This game is designed with a lot of effort put explicitly into venturing NFT heroes, a user-friendly interface, and a fantastic plot to summarize.

It will be a fun journey for both game makers and players as it provides a rewarding experience. Through these 3D NFT heroes, you can earn, purchase or sell on our platform. The game is built on Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, and Binance chains.

Can You Tell Us About The Background Of This NFT Game?

In terms of the story, it starts under the case of a curse in the crimson field. The crimson-colored flora lands are very poisonous and dangerous. The curse is a deadly plague that every human gets every five years. They have the guardians in the game trying to protect Mitra and its people from this deadly plague.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a massive castle in the center of the exotherian empire. But then you have to go away for the safety of your family to save yourself from the monsters and the curse. People who survive with you from the kingdom will support you and seek refuge. During this time, you will have scouts that will be located in different parts of the map in the land and hidden in the forest for you to provide shelter.

They gather resources for you as well in the forest. Over time, you build the village, grow, and know you have to defend your people. You will send the scouts again to find the spy and other people.

According to the storyline, your spymaster will go to the court and see that the disturbing plots of the land have been conquered. You will plan and prepare to see if you want to go out as an all-out war basically or you want to choose a different option. You either engage in a big battle with Horde, or you can offer to help Horde. You will be teaming up with Horde to dominate the rest of the story. So you have the choice between good and evil.

Who Are The People Behind Legends Of Mitra?

The team mainly consists of 10 employees spread in over seven countries. The team of legends of Mitra is fully decentralized.

  • Kena

The leader of the team is Kena. He has experience of over 12 years. He is an entrepreneur who started and is running Legends of Mitra. He is successfully running two companies that he acquired. He is in the field of technical sciences and has a bachelor’s in computer sciences.

He has been supporting and helping many blockchain efforts since 2015.

  • Onah

She has been in the software field for more than ten years and is the technical leader of the team legends of Mitra.With her specialized solid experience and expertise in core networking, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and blockchain C++ experience spanning over eight years

  • Romain

The game developer of legends of Mitra is presently Romain. He has been doing an excellent job from the beginning and is currently leading the game developing sector. When he was ten years old, he began making games. He has over ten years of game production experience and enjoys indie games, particularly RPGs, local co-op, and Metroidvanias.

  • David

David is a full-stack developer. He got his bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from Middlesex University. He has over seven years of industrial experience and enjoys providing smooth and compelling user experiences.

What was the process of creating the Legends of Mitra NFT Game? What are its features? 

  • Top-of-the-line gaming: The game features three main kinds of gameplay modes (PvE, PvP, and Clan mode), providing a diverse and engaging experience for all types of players.
  • NFTs: All heroes are NFTs, which players may earn, buy, and sell.
  • In-Game Market Place

The game has an in-game marketplace where players may buy and trade in-game stuff. Players are immediately rewarded with MITA tokens for their experiences, skills, and performance in the game, thanks to LoM’s built-in reputation and reward system.

What Is The Mode Of Operation For The Game? And How Many Modes Are Available To Play?

Currently, we have three modes for now:

  • Clan Mode
  • PvE
  • PvP

Player vs. Environment

We designed PvE (Player vs. Environment) game mode for players who specifically do not want to engage in PvP or grind experience, heroes, and we kept that stuff for the other two modes. It features up to ten chapters, each with six levels to make honing specific skills and resources more accessible.

Player vs. Player

Battle mode is designed for a wide range of users that want to participate in active PvP (Player vs. Player). As the difficulty level rises, the levels grow more intricate and provide more significant and better rewards to the players.

A player can acquire and deploy a variety of defensive options to achieve this goal. Players match randomly to face each other during combat based on their heroes’ level, talents, and abilities. Combat mode is not available until the player completes Chapter 3 in Campaign mode or pays to access it.

Clan Mode

Clan mode is for gamers who want to be part of a community and play for a long time. Clans are organized groups of gamers who combat and assault other Clans. There are four different ranks in this mode: The king, the consuls, the commanders, and the warriors.

You can become a part of the game by battling and winning the player vs. environment battle. You can compete with other players, join clans, and win clan battles, and then if you’re in the project’s top leader boards, you can receive higher rewards.

You can stake your Mita tokens for incentives if you are an investor, including nft rewards or additional Mita tokens. More information will be released soon.

Model of Play-to-Earn

Players get a reward in Legends of Mitra for their time, effort, and talent. The award is determined solely by the player’s performance and skill. The more adversaries you kill and the more MITA you acquire, the more skilled you are.

Is There An Age Restriction For The Game?

The game is user-friendly simple to play, and we understand that blockchain gaming is a new concept, so it needs to be more straightforward. There is no limit on the age of who’s going to play; the idea of the game is to have more users because if you have more users, play the game. They are covering multiple blockchains to improve accessibility.

How Have You Divided The Token Metrics ?

Total Raise was about $ 1,700,000 in the beginning but initially the values for

Market capiltization is $ 787,50 and FDMC: $ 867,090.There is a circulating supply of 13,125,000 MITA tokens.For the funding the allocation of token is as follows:

  • The Total supply of MITA tokens is currently 14,451,498 and the rest is shown in the picture below .

What Is The Fee For Buying MITA Token?

3.0% is the charging fee on all marketplace transactions, token, and asset transfers.

  • 10% will go to the gaming pool
  • 10% burns
  • 10% staking rewards pool
  • 70% will go to Gem Studios Treasury

Token transfers, NFT transfers, and NFT sales will all incur a fee, 10% of the total amount burned. The Deflationary Mechanism will reduce the overall quantity of token supply over time, ensuring MITA token scarcity.

MITA Token

MITA token will be a cross-chain asset supporting Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, and Binance Smart Chain. Staking MITA, selling NFTs, voting in governance votes, and winning leader boards are all ways for players to gain MITA.

MITA tokens can also be purchased in the game, i.e., In-App Purchase (IAP) with a debit or credit card from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

How Can Mita Token Be Used In The Game?

These are some of the uses of the MITA Token in the game:

  • In-game Currency (buying items such as NFTs),
  • Staking,
  • PVP wage,
  • Speed up time-gated levels
  • NFT farming
  • Governance
  • Game Merchandise

Road Map

For the coming year, a lot has already been discussed and decided by the team. The first step they initiated was the token listing and generation on 21st Feb 2022. After that, the game was ready for Beta testing, intending to see how the community reacts to it.

The development team constructed a bridge that allows users to transfer assets between the Binance Chain, Klaytn, Algorand, and Cronos blockchains. A skin store and built-in Guild infrastructure are also planned by the team. Expect new levels and achievements to be added regularly as time goes on.

How To Buy MITA Token?

You can buy Mitra token on multiple platforms available, such as Google Play Store or Apple Store as an In-App Purchase (IAP) with a debit or credit card; it can also be bought and sold on exchanges such as Safeswap online once MITA is listed on it.

MITA tokens are available on the Suppose the average sale value per token on third-party platforms rises above the selling price in the game (IAP) for a lengthy period the game’s pricing per MITA will rise to match the new average price.

If a user chooses to purchase MITA using an IAP, they will be buying from the IAP reserve. Gem Studios will acquire MITA on the open market every three months and maintain it in the IAP pool. It will be sold to players who purchase MITA from app stores. To assist in covering the cost, fees, and taxes on the various app stores. MITA tokens sold in the game will be 10% higher than what they are on the open market or 3rd party exchanges.

Can You Tell Us More About The 3D NFT Heroes ?

NFTs are common in play-to-earn games, and LOM is no exception. In this game, all Resources, Towers, and Heroes are NFTs.On the other hand, Heroes have a limited number of drops, except Doku, which is given away for free when you sign up. In Legends of Mitra, all heroes are NFTs.

The following characteristics distinguish Hero NFTs: health, speed, power, damage, attack delay, revive time, healing time, armor type, abilities, skin, and weapon.

Who Are The Partners Of Legends Of MITRA?

SafeSwap Online Listing Legends Of Mitra

Safe swap online has been working to provide the best possible service to its customers. It has now finished the creation of a staking platform, as most people are aware. Earning staking incentives will be simple once you’ve learned how to stake on the Safeswap online platform.

Stability may appear to be a less rewarding option as compared to mining. The security and blockchain processes sync by keeping the assets in a digital money wallet. A new token was introduced on the Safeswap online platform named MITA Token by Legends Of Mitra.

Legends Of Mitra Will Soon Be Available On Desktop And Mobile

Android and iOS are both supported. Download, play, have a good time, and make money. Both Windows and Mac PCs are supported. Soon to be released.

What Do You Predict From Legends Of Mitra In Future?

MITA will be listed on a CEX or DEX according to the team. Each month, 20% of the tokens will be unlocked for this purpose.

Additionally, a staking mechanism will be implemented, with 20% of every marketplace transaction cost going to the staking rewards pool. The team is actively working on launching Klaytn-BSC bridges to enable smooth multi-chain trade. They’ll also start trading in-game assets on the NFT marketplace.

How To Get In Contact With Legends Of MITRA?




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