The Nolians are going to start staking with a ‘Plant with friends’ package on Safeswap!

We are going to create a new staking pool where all SafeSwap members and Nolian members can earn $SWAP instead of $NLCR and if they stake they are contributing in the latest tree planting project from SafeSwap 

100 trees will be bought in the nolecoin name

Stake your $NLCR against $SWAP (3 months)

The holders of NLCR can earn a passive income and contribute in planting trees

Publicity announcements about the pool

Buy trees press release ( 100 trees )

Own StakeBox (custom page example :

The Nole coin name will be on the card at Ecology, And a link will be provided where the trees are planted.

Pool is live and lets start staking $NLCR plant some trees 

Click stake NLCR

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