Matic Community Supercharges Cere Network, Pledging $1.6M in Private Sale

Matic Community Pledges $1.6M in Cere Network Private Sale, Blowing past $100K Target

Toward the end of summer, Cere announced a partnership with Matic Network that would supercharge their decentralized CRM solution. By integrating with Matic’s Plasma-based sidechain network, Cere will be able to connect businesses and vendors to throughputs 38 times faster than Visa’s own and process transactions 4,000 times faster than Ethereum.

In less than 9 hours, Cere received over 168 submissions pledging over 120M Matic tokens, which are worth 1.6M USD on the market at this moment. This marks a 16x oversubscription of the exclusive private sale. They are surprised and flattered by the enthusiasm of the Matic community and this strengthens our conviction in our product integration with Matic Network.

In the next weeks, they’ll review the participants’ entries and reach out accordingly to finalize the sale.

Cere Network’s Integration with Matic Network

Cere Network is building the first blockchain CRM ecosystem that’s optimized for service data integration and collaboration. To do so, they need to make sure that it’s secure, scalable and fast.

For a system like Cere’s, Matic is one of the most promising and functionally valuable building blocks to solving the biggest problem they hope to tackle: poor data access that’s further exacerbated by degrading data that sits across multiple platforms.

Matic’s Plasma-based sidechain network is capable of handling an enormous throughput of 65,000 transactions per second. Our Layer 2 solution utilizes sidechains for computation while ensuring security through the plasma framework, enabling Matic’s off-chain, Layer 2 network to aid Cere in:

Providing all microservices in the Cere Network with one of the most advanced side-chain networks to settle all transactions off-chain, circumventing current generation network speeds at 4000x faster than Ethereum TPS

Allowing data experts an exponentially faster route to access and analyze on-demand customer insights through the Business Intelligence Marketplace

Scaling an interoperable CRM, data management network with real-time customer insights without loss of security and privacy

What’s Next?

Since graduating from Binance Labs, Cere team has been heads-down and focused on product development, talent acquisition and building meaningful partnerships through technology integrations and so much more. They’ve also made tremendous progress with customers and look forward to keeping you updated as they release their whitepaper and gear up for the launch of the Cere Network Alpha Mainnet, so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone for participating and should you have any questions please feel free to ask in their official chat group

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