Matic Network Stops by Jakarta, Indonesia

According to Yahoo! Finance, Indonesia’s digital economy is expected to reach $100 billion USD by 2025, priming it for the upcoming wave of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. Additionally, Bank Central Asia, the largest private bank in Indonesia, recently adopted blockchain technology to support a budding digital economy.

This past week, the Matic Network team flew to Jakarta, Indonesia, for a series of meetups. Not only there to engage with the local blockchain community, but the Matic team also visited to gain insights from other thought leaders in the space. At the Binance Super Meetup in Indonesia during the Empowering Blockchain Summit, there were various topics of discussion. They included the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency space in Indonesia, notable projects, and consumer/user trends.

Matic Network’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, Chandresh Aharwar, joined a panel of fellow Binance Launchpad project representatives to discuss how Matic Network’s mission converged with that of the global blockchain developer ecosystem. This was Binance’s first big event in Jakarta and signified the burgeoning of a growing and advancing crypto community.

That same week, Matic Network also hosted a meetup alongside Harmony Protocol on Monday, September 16th. Matic’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, Chandresh Aharwar, spoke yet again at a meetup, alongside Harmony Protocol’s Head of Marketing, Garlam Won. They held keynote speeches, followed by a Q&A session, and ended with insights into the latest developments, roadmap progress, and project updates.

It was wonderful connecting with the Indonesian community in Jakarta. In concluding the meetup, the Matic team created an Indonesian Telegram community channel. Those attending the meetup were also given some awesome Matic swag.

The Matic Network team stopping by Jakarta, Indonesia was very uplifting. There was nothing but encouragement to see a flourishing and ever-growing blockchain community within the Emerald of Equator!

Source : blog.polygon

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