Outlier Ventures and Polygon Announce an Accelerator Program to Advance Web3

Polygon and Outlier Ventures announce they have launched an accelerator program today to help more Web3 teams use Polygon to scale their projects. The incubator will select the most promising startups in the blockchain space and provide a range of support needed to help them succeed.

Outlier Ventures is growing an ecosystem of founders, investors, and experts in Web3 and has helped more than 90 teams raise over $130 million across the globe, The accelerator’s mentor and investor network includes some of the biggest names in Web3. Filecoin and Polkadot and other renowned blockchain ecosystems have partnered with the accelerator.

Polygon x Base Camp Accelerator is open for applications and the program is set to start in early 2022. A maximum of eight teams will participate in a five-month program. It provides a fully remote opportunity for teams that support founders with fundraising, growth, token design and implementation, business model innovation and governance. In addition, the teams can gain access to Outlier Ventures’ global mentor network of leading founders.  Polygon’s support for the accelerator program will help more teams build applications for Web3 and drive development by providing critical support to teams within the Polygon ecosystem.

Jamie Burke, founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures, said, Polygon has “helped take the Ethereum ecosystem to the next level, making entirely new use cases possible that require ultra-low fee and high throughput transactions, so it was a natural partner for us to help accelerate the Web3 ecosystem.” 

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, said: “As the leading solution for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development, It is vital to support and encourage development on Polygon as the network becomes essential for broader Web3 growth. As such, we’re delighted that Polygon has been chosen for Outlier’s latest Accelerator program. Following the successes of the previous accelerators, we have high hopes that the program will discover the best the Polygon network has to offer to help drive developer activity and expedite ecosystem growth.”

Polygon enables projects to run with near-zero gas costs. To date, Polygon’s scaling solutions have been adopted by over 1000+ applications and helped them process around 600M transactions. Together, Polygon and Outlier Ventures are ready to take Web3 to new heights.

For teams that are interested in the program, see Outlier’s website for details. 

Source : blog.polygon

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