Polygon Supports the Eth Odyssey Hackathon with $5k in Bounties!

The highly anticipated ETHIndia Online hackathon series, EthOdyssey, is right around the corner! We’re proud to be accelerating the Ethereum ecosystem’s growth by supporting this hackathon with our longstanding hackathon partner Devfolio.

With 5000$ in miMatic (the first Polygon-native stablecoin) for winners, EthOdyssey is going to get a lot more exciting for developers!

The month-long virtual hackathon is taking place entirely online from July 2 — August 1, 2021, and is bringing together developers from across the globe to help build decentralized future.

Polygon Bounty Track Details )($1000 per track )

Polygon Ecosystem Tooling

Build an RPC monitoring tool to monitor the health status (probably with a health bar) of all the existing public Polygon RPC endpoints for both mainnet and testnet. Polygon RPCs: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/network-details/network

A bridge to transfer funds from Flow Blockchain to Polygon and vice versa.

Yield chaser — Enter the type of asset (stables, Eth, Matic, anything) and setup EPNS for notifications to send you a message with the best new farms with assets you are interested in.

Educational Videos on Polygon($250 per video)

Create an interactive explainer video for the following topics:

Transfer of assets from Ethereum to Polygon and back using MetaMask.

Implementing Chainlink Oracles on Polygon Dapp

Building and implementing a subgraph using TheGraph on Polygon.

Explainer videos to verify smart contracts using PolygonScan Api.


Aim of the Project: To build a game/NFT based project that utilizes Polygon’s speed for a seamless gameplay experience.


Let your imagination run wild while building a Defi DApp that takes advantage of Polygon’s Network’s speed and Scalability.

Some ideas:

Tokenized Debt Agreements

Degenscore on Polygon

Lossless Arbitrage

A truly great donation app built on top of @0xPolygon using Polygon native stablecoins like miMATIC, like Stripe Payment Links but for giving tokens to your favorite creator, project, or meme lord.

Open Track

Aim of the project: Use your imagination and feel free to build any DApp that excites you! The sky’s the limit.

Developer Resources

Matic Faucet: https://faucet.matic.network

Polygon PoS Chain Explorer: https://polygonscan.com

Matic Documentation: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/getting-started

Polygon Gas Station:https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/tools/matic-gas-station/#usagehttps://www.polygongasstation.com

Matic.js SDK:

Easy interface to deposit, transfer and withdraw your funds to and from the main chain.https://github.com/maticnetwork/matic.js

We also have a dedicated Discord channel for direct communication with developers during hackathons. If you have any doubts regarding any of the above information, please join our Discord channel to get your queries answered: Discord Link here.

Judging Criteria

The importance of Polygon’s infrastructure in the application/originality of the idea.

User experience: intuitive, easy to use and interact with.

Technical complexity: going above and beyond the specifications. Code quality, bug-free, documentation quality.

Polish: how refined the project is.

Let’s #BUIDL!

Now that you have the background knowledge of building on Polygon and information regarding the bounties on offer; it’s over to you! Let your ingenuity, creativity, and development talent guide you to build an awesome hack to further the decentralized movement.

We are excited to see what you all have in mind and will never forget that many Web3 projects were all started in a hackathon. All the best!

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