Sandman Finance Launch Of NFT Merge In The Seventh Layer Death

We’ve always kept you informed about the newest developments in the crypto industry. Now BSCN news will help you learn more about Sandman Finance seventh layer, Death, and provide the most up-to-date information available for this layer. Sandman Finance is a new DeFi platform that has been working to give users a staking ground over the past few months.

Sandman Finance is distinct from other cryptocurrency platforms. It offers several unique features that are not a part of other cryptocurrencies. Sandman Finance has added numerous additional aspects to the competition, making it more challenging for contestants. These traits were critical to the success of Sandman Finance’s yield farming.

Sandman Finance is here with the new thrill! After the launch of multiple layers from the comic journey, the seventh layer is the last of these layers. The seventh layer, Death, is different from all and includes previously unknown features. Sandman Finance Layer 7 now contains an NFT merge feature that uses merging rules that would be changing according to different scenarios, and this isn’t the first time this feature has been used in a project. Let’s get to know more about the NFT merge.

NFT Merge Feature

You’ll be able to merge your existing NFT Cards on this layer. You’ll be able to combine NFTs of the same generation to create a more powerful NFT of the same generation. It is not possible to combine generations while merging NFT. The Sandman Finance Team ensures that combining will not disrupt the community’s balance. The guidelines for merging will vary depending on the circumstance.

What Are The Rules For Merging?

  • You can only merge three cards at a time.
  • Only one card can be combined at a time. This means that if you acquire an integrated card, it will no longer be eligible to merge.
  • Merging is only possible with cards from the same generation.

Bringing Workflows Together

  1. For merging your NFT you will be directed to the page. The page is soon to be released.
  2. You’ll choose three cards that have not been combined yet.
  3. One contract will merge your three NFT cards.
  4. You’ll need to claim your combined card after the merging is complete.

Merging formula – Version 1.0

They will compute the following for each talent, stacking power and experience on each card (3 cards):

  • The total quantity of that talent across all three cards.
  • The total amount of that talent across all three cards.

The formula for each Merged Skill:

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