Sandman Finance V2 Is Launching Soon! Everything You Need To Know

Evolution is crucial in every economy. The Sandman Finance DeFi industry is constantly growing and expanding. Every time, new approaches to increase profits are presented. Even though certain enterprises disperse earnings, the creation of ownership is not yet complete.

In this article, we present Sandman Finance V2 to solve this problem. Version 1 of the Sandman Finance Project began in Q1 2021. The original edition included seven levels, each with unique characteristics such as The world’s first stealth pre-sale, which sold out in less than 30 seconds. Across the layer, various launch tactics were used: pre-sale, fair launch, covert launch, and Kingdoms, Anti-bot software, and so on. Let’s see what Sandman Finance V2 is and how is it different from V1. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Sandman Finance V2

Sandman Finance Version 2 is a development of Platform Version 1 to resolve all of the issues raised by the community before. In this version, they will address the following:

1. The prize token has no value after the first few hours. Establishing a decentralized autonomous treasury does this.

2. Actors have little motivation to stay on the platform. They solved this challenge by using a shared ownership model with an infinite number of token/stakeholder owners.

3. There is a lack of ownership. The Token of Infinite Ownership is Also the symbol of infinite ownership. Users will own Sandman Finance V2 and gain a percentage of deposit fees and other platform benefits by purchasing Endless tokens during the pre-sale. Through their Snapshot Space, Endless token holders will engage in Project Governance.

Sandman Finance DAO Treasury

A Decentralized Autonomous Treasury (DAO) is a collection of smart contracts that work together to form a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). They have always talked about their “Community Owned Project” since the inception of their platform. They stated that there would be rewards for the most devoted community members.

This is where the concept for making that claim reality is presented. Sandman Finance DAO Treasury is a notion that will influence the future of their platform, as demonstrated by the Sandman team. Because it employs the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) paradigm, this Treasury might be classified as a Decentralized Autonomous Treasury. They are going to name it DAT.

This concept realization was brought through procedures developed by the Sandman Finance team to automate income collection and distribution among their community’s devoted members. In practice, several factors contribute to the formation of this notion.

Snapshot Of A New Strategy

NFTs are the backbone of Sandman Finance’s platform ownership and, as a result, the decision-making process. Strength, agility, endurance, knowledge, wisdom, magic, generation, and experience are among the skills that make up their NFTs. “Experience” is one of the skills, and it starts at 0. As each member of the community utilizes this card, the value of the card increases.

The “Experience” skill of each NFT owned by the wallet owner in this New Sandman DAO approach is a new skill. The purpose is to reward active community members for their participation in the project with a gift. You’ll obtain a higher vote score if you utilize your NFT more on our site. You’ll be able to make additional decisions about the platform.

New Farm/Pools UI

They have many surprises for the community in this new layer. They have a new MC among them that pays various stuff in addition to the local money (Death). These elements are connected to the non-financial transactions (NFTs) that they utilize to increase profitability.

And we’ll show you how to read each of these elements on your screen right now.

  • Death Gained: This is the amount earned without any further bonuses. Death earned is the epitome of MasterChef farming.
  • Lockup: The amount of time must pass before earnings may be harvested and compounded.
  • Experience: This value regulates how much expertise may be added to your NFT card when you harvest earnings.
  • Staked (Coin): the amount of money you put into the pool.

The Endless NFTs

It’s time to move on to the last chapter of the Sandman narrative. The NFTs, as they have always maintained, are the platform’s backbone. As a result, they want to show you all what you can accomplish with them shortly. There has been much anticipation for this layer, where they will begin to shape the project’s future with the community’s support.

Nfts To Its Core

As in version 1 of the platform, NFTs are the backbone. What you’ll get with NFTs in the forum:

1.             VIP early access to Sandman V2

You’ll be able to obtain early access to the Sandman V2 token ownership: The Endless Token, as well as discounted pricing.

2.             Extra governance votes

If you utilize this merging NFT, your vote will be more relevant. Additionally, with increased “staking power,” your Snapshot decisions will have a more significant influence on our project.

3.             Access to different and exclusive features such as gambling, harvest boosting, extra earnings, and more.

They know that the next natural step is to create a Marketplace for the community to exchange NFTs after publishing several collections, selling them, and awarding them as rewards. As a result, their technical team is working nonstop on the next phase in the NFTs: our Marketplace.



Sandman Version 2 is shaping the DeFi 1.0 to 1.5 advancement. The primary goal is to give the community a better experience and more excellent value where everyone is more motivated to stay on the platform for as long as possible.

As explained by game theory, they want everyone to be encouraged to buy and keep the token for its inherent worth. This is the first Community-Owned Project with a Treasury that everyone can profit from!

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