brings its single-asset mining aggregator to Polygon!

We are excited to announce that the single-asset mining aggregator,, is live on Polygon.

Unlike traditional liquidity mining protocols, allows users to deposit a single asset to reap higher yield benefits by focusing on the pools with higher returns.

It absorbs the risk of impermanent loss and strategy selection from its users with its efficient allocation of pools. With Polygon’s high-speed, low-gas infrastructure, can assure a superior farming experience to its users on their transactions.

Besides the advantage of faster and gas-free transactions, can benefit from the Polygon ecosystem that comprises of DeFi bluechip projects such as Aave, Quickswap, Polymarket, SushiSwap, Curve finance, and many more.

As a part of this launch, allows users to deposit single assets such as BTC, ETH, MATIC, QUICK, USDT, USDC, DAI pools and earn rewards from SushiSwap, and QuickSwap.

Together, and Polygon can enrich the users’ farming experience and compliment the already growing DeFi ecosystem.

About Solo.Top is a single-asset mining aggregator, aims to earn liquidity incentive with zero impermanent loss, which is yielding higher and safer to all users.

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Source : blog.polygon

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