United Network of Professionals Has Implemented the Blockchain Digital Certificate Issuance and Verification System Using the LegitDoc, Powered by Polygon

UNP (United Network of Professionals) Education – an Indian E-learning platform with a rapidly growing student base, has pioneered the use of blockchain technology for issuing digital certificates using India’s proven blockchain platform: LegitDoc. These tamper-proof certificates are anchored to the Polygon blockchain, enabling anyone from anywhere around the world to authenticate the digital course certificates issued by UNP to their students within a matter of 10 seconds. This is a historical milestone whereby UNP has become one of the first E-learning platforms globally to issue educational documents directly on permissionless blockchains.

Need for Blockchain-based Digital Certificates

Due to the large gap between expectations of the industry and the skills imparted by traditional academia, there has been an exponential rise in demand for E-learning platforms worldwide. A radical shift is on the horizon in industry-wide hiring process whereby skills acquired through E-learning platforms are being considered as an alternative and/or complementary to the traditional education courses. Hence, in an age of rising education certificate forgery, it becomes paramount that the E-learning platforms adopt the latest technology to prevent forgeries and facilitate instant & open verification of their certificates.

As Chris Dixon, general partner a16z explains, public blockchains (Eg: polygon) are nothing but computer networks that can make the highest form of commitments. Compared to all the preceding computer networks, i.e., mainframes,  PCs, mobile networks & cloud networks, blockchains can make the highest form of commitment that a given set of data remains unchanged. Hence, public blockchains make up the best ledger of record to commit/anchor digital certificates to impart the highest level of immutability, security, open access and transparency. (Click here to know more about public blockchains and why they are the best platforms for imparting immutability to digital documents) Due to superiority of blockchain-enabled digital certificates, Ivy league colleges such as MIT, tech-savvy Governments such as Singapore, Malta etc., have switched to blockchain-based digital education certificates.

How do blockchain digital certificates work?

UNP has implemented the blockchain digital certificate issuance and verification system using the LegitDoc standard. As they know, highly decentralized public blockchains such as Polygon do not have a central point of failure which neither can be bribed nor can their security be compromised. Data on these blockchains are open and easily auditable by nature, providing a transparent mechanism for instantaneous verification of data. LegitDoc makes use of Polygon blockchain combined with modern cryptography to issue digital certificates that are tamper-proof, hack-proof, instantaneously verifiable and privacy-centric. The following figure explains how this can be achieved:

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Click here to download a sample UNP certificate. This certificate can be verified at www.unp.education/verify with a simple upload or drag-and-drop.

About LegitDoc

LegitDoc is a blockchain standard developed by CrossForge Solutions Pvt Ltd, A Web3 startup from Bangalore. Using LegitDoc, any document issuers (Eg: Government Departments, Banks, Educational Institutes, Medical Labs, Testing agencies etc) can issue tamper-proof, privacy-centric digital documents to their stakeholders, that can be verified from anywhere around the world within a matter of 10 seconds. LegitDoc has already been implemented by Governments such as Maharashtra to issue millions of blockchain-powered educational certificates

LegitDoc is unique since it has been built suitable to India-like conditions, making it practically viable to issue blockchain-powered certificates without the end-users needing to worry about managing wallets, keys, cryptos, etc. Hence LegitDoc has emerged as a viable alternative to western blockchain standards such as Blockcerts & Opencerts, which demand the end-users to manage mobile apps, wallets etc. Moreover, LegitDoc gives a single PDF experience that sets it miles apart in user experience compared to competing solutions which give out certificates in the form of JSON files, urls, etc.

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