The Endless NFTs

The time has come to enter the last layer of this Sandman saga.

A lot has been waiting for this layer where we begin to define the future of the project with the help of the community.

As we always said, the NFTs are the backbone of our platform. That’s why we want to show everything that can be done with them in the near future.

And here we want to tell you what it is, and what you can do with the Endless NFTs.

What is Endless NFTs?

The Endless NFTs are the conjunction of the 7 generations of NFTs that we have been publishing in our platform.

One for each existing Endless: Dream, Delirium, Despair, Desire, Destruction, Destiny, Death.

How To get The Endless NFTs?

The only way to get the Endless NFT will be to merge the 7 cards from the past layers. One card per generation.

In this way, we will reward the loyal community that helped us in the whole process of the project.

What benefits will I get with this NFT?

The benefits we can list (among others) are:

VIP early access to Sandman V2

You’ll be able to get an early access and a discount price to the Sandman V2 token ownership: The endless token.

Extra governance votes

Your vote will be more relevant if you use this merge NFT. Also, by having more “staking power”, your desitions at Snapshot will have more impact in our project.

NFT Marketplace is near

After releasing multiple collections of NFTs, selling them, and giving them as prizes, we know that the logical step is to present a Marketplace for the community to trade them.

So our technical team is at full speed developing the next step of the NFTs: our own Marketplace.

How Do I Stay Updated?

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