Vent Finance is bringing its IDO launchpad — “Ventup” to Polygon!

We are excited to announce that Vent Finance is bringing its IDO launchpad, “Ventup”, to Polygon!

The decentralized and interoperable protocol helps projects to raise funds through its IDO launchpad. By launching its IDO launchpad on Polygon, an Ethreum scaling solution, Vent Finance aims to eliminate the challenges for the Dapps, such as scalability and costs incurred while using Ethereum Blockchain.

The main reason behind Vent Finance’s launch on Polygon is the presence of a Modular security feature that allows developers to build or upgrade their Dapps utilizing the fully customizable tech stack of Polygon.

As a full-stack Ethereum Scaling solution, Polygon is also the home to some of the DeFi bluechip projects that include Aave, SushiSwap, Polymarket, and more. Vent’s community can leverage our ever-growing DeFi ecosystem to get a seamless user experience.

Additionally, Vent will launch a Polygon to Cardano bridge that provides cross-chain liquidity to Polygon. Vent intends to bring interoperability between the blockchains and allows developers to reap the benefits of scalability and security through this bridge.

We look forward to the promising projects that will soon be launched on Ventup and work for the DeFi user adoption.

About Venture Finance

The Ventup launchpad turns ideas into successful growth journeys. It’s where founders share innovative blockchain projects with the communities that will join forces to fund them.

VENT is empowering startups and investors with technology that supports sustainable growth. We work to make decentralized funding simple and accessible as we believe in financial inclusion and an economy where innovation can benefit society as a whole.

Combining simplicity, security, and transparency, we are determined to reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralized launchpad is and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi space and crypto ecosystem.

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